DataFeedWatch Updates Digest: July 2021

Summer is officially in full swing and we've been hard at work here at DataFeedWatch. Wondering about the updates that have been made in July? Here’s what we’ve been up to.


July 2021 Updates:

Clearer date communication 

Shopify API seamless upgrade

Combine rules easier to read

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Date communication becomes clearer


With clients located all over the globe, we wanted to make the email communication from the app clear for everyone. That’s why we’ve updated the way we write the date in emails that you receive from the app. 


From now on, the date will be written as: DD MMM YYYY


For example, 04 Aug 2021 or 18 Sep 2022


By using letters for the date instead of the corresponding number, it should clear up any confusion, no matter where you live. 


This is an ongoing process, so you still might see an email with the old format from time to time. But we’re actively working on implementing this change in all areas. However, emails from our Sales and Marketing teams may occasionally use a different format.



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Shopify updates for seamless integration 


This one is for our Shopify users. As you may know, Shopify recently updated their API. But, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ve already put the relevant changes in place without there being a disruption to your Shopify/DataFeedWatch integration.


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Combine rule becomes easier to read


You may have noticed a small but significant change when creating a ‘combine’ feed rule in the app. Now when creating this rule, the attribute pills have been unified and updated. 


Pills are the styling around the field text, like where you'll see 'brand' and 'product_type' below. 


Here’s how they looked before: 


And here’s what the pills look like now:




The aesthetically pleasing change from a grey to green pill background now makes it easier for you to read, identify, and quickly glance at the fields you’ve chosen. 


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this short but sweet update about what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. And, don’t forget that you can always suggest features you’d like to see. Until next time! 



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Written by Jamie Koho

Content Copywriter at DataFeedWatch Jamie is a content creator at DataFeedWatch. She is fascinated with feeds, coffee and video games.



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