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Data Feed Optimization Using Multi-Condition Rules to Exclude Products

 Sometimes you want to specify exactly which products to exclude: Not all products below $50, but only the ones that are from a certain brand and product type. That is why you can set multiple conditions in your Exclude tab and be as exact as you want to be.


Data Feed Optimization using Multi-Condition Rules to Exclude Products



See the rules below:


The first 'block' of rules lets you exclude all Nike – Basketball products below $50: 



Exclude Products in the new DataFeedWatch


You can add as many rules as you want and each rule can have as many conditions as necessary.

Mind you: a rule with multiple conditions means that each condition (within that rule) has to be met, in order for the rule to apply.


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Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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