[Case study] Divide and conquer: Take advantage of best-selling products to boost performance

Appearing in online searches has become more complex due to the level of competition and the hasty evolution of digital strategy.


At Entropy we are convinced that the future is in online sales. Therefore your eCommerce channels need to be optimized with the highest return in mind.


Google Shopping is one of the most important channels for retailers, and in general, for all eCommerce. It’s a channel where users can compare prices with those of the competition.


Increasing appearances in relevant searches


If carried out properly, Google Shopping is a channel where great return and brand positioning can be achieved. Practically speaking, if your products don’t appear on the SERP then it will be very difficult for shoppers to find them. This can stunt the growth of your online store.


One of the most common problems we have with our customers who want to appear on Google Shopping is that they have no idea how to generate a product feed for Merchant Center, much less the maintenance process.


For this success story, we will take one of the many clients who have been able to improve their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) significantly in this highly competitive channel.


Our client was able to improve their Google Shopping results by constantly maintaining their product feed with updates through DataFeedWatch.


By making improvements to the product feed, we were able to generate strategies that met our client's objectives - focusing on growth without losing the ROAS that we established as optimal.


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Assessing the problems 


As mentioned above, we will be taking a closer look at one of our customers who sells technology through their own online store. They’ve seen big improvements in their performance since using DataFeedWatch.


Before Entropy took them on as a client, they generated their product feed manually, This resulted in product delays and disapprovals from Merchant Center. Every time they ran out of inventory, or brought new products into their store, at least 10 products were rejected.


The process of manually updating their product feed was very slow, not to mention the time it took for Google to approve the products.


One of the problems they had was that when the online store ran out of inventory, some products continued to be advertised on Google Shopping. These would continue to appear on the SERP until they were disapproved or removed from the feed.


In addition, the number of products was increasing and generating the feed became increasingly complex and tedious.


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Implementing a solution


As soon as our client arrived at Entropy, we knew that a tool would be needed that could update their product feed effectively, quickly, and on a regular basis.

At that time we proposed to generate it automatically through DataFeedWatch, since it was exactly what was needed to start improving their results.


In general, we followed 4 steps to ensure we met our client's expectations and business goals:


  • We used DataFeedWatch to rescue product feeds and generate higher quality catalogs.
  • We increased the relevance and quality of Google Shopping Ads thanks to the product description optimization offered by DataFeedWatch.
  • We decreased the frequency of manual reviews of the feed, as products were not rejected as frequently.
  • And finally, we created 2 Google Shopping campaigns in the growth stage :
  • The first one was based on best-selling products to establish more aggressive bids in the channel.
  • The second was more generic and was where all the other products with a reduced bid were found.

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We always take approximately 6 months to measure results. In this case, there was a considerable increase at the beginning. Then, just after the first week, there was steady and gradual growth.


Let’s go over three main points where the results can be seen with the use of DataFeedWatch:


Most effective strategies


We use advanced Google Shopping campaign strategies that we would not be able to execute without a tool like DataFeedWatch.



Top products The best performing and most competitive products on the market
Brand Strategy  Appear in brand-related searches
Non-Brand Strategy Appear in searches without the customer's brand



By using these 3 strategies we can segment searches, decrease the CPC for the most relevant searches, and optimize the budget. 


Increase in clicks and impression rate


By improving product descriptions, the relevance of the ads also increased considerably (28% vs. previous period).


increase_clicks_impression_rateThis also helped us generate more clicks, with an increase of 37% versus the previous period.



Efficiency over time


As we have many clients, time efficiency is paramount for us. We cannot waste time individually reviewing each and every feed of our clients. For that reason we always choose to use this tool. It helps us be efficient, both with our time and with that of our clients.


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DataFeedWatch was an essential tool for the development and growth of our client. And, in general, it gives us a lot of time to plan and implement strategies that increase the sales of all our eCommerce clients.


We highly recommend using DataFeedWatch for Google Shopping feed development.



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