LightSpeed & SEOshop: Create and Optimize Your Data Feeds

    LightSpeed and SEOshop - Create and Optimize Your Data Feeds

    Merchants on the LightSpeed / SEOshop e-Commerce platform will benefit directly from the full integration with DataFeedWatch. Connecting your web shop and building and optimizing your data feeds has never been easier. 

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    DataFeedWatch is available in the Lightspeed App store. Installing the App is easy and enables DataFeedWatch to download all your product data.

    Because DataFeedWatch uses the API interface of LightSpeed it downloads more fields than using the regular google base export from LightSpeed. This offers you the ability to create better data feeds.


    DataFeedWatch offers an extensive but intuitive data feed management tool with which you easily manage data feeds for more than 1.000 shopping channels and marketplaces in over 45 countries.

    Using our many templates you quickly build a high-quality data feed that meets the specifications of the relevant channel or marketplace.

    Instead of using a template you can also choose to build a Custom Channel, a data feed that you can compose according to your own wishes and specifications. A very powerful functionality that offers unprecedented opportunities.


    Get a copy of the complete guide to data feed optimization.




    With DataFeedWatch-Analytics you can view the performance and costs of every individual product and channel. You can easily delete poor performing products from your feeds.

    This way you can optimize on costs, CPA, ROAS or whatever you want. When you use our ‘Feed Merge’ option you’re even able to add, for example, financial data and filter on margin or highest yield per sale.


    Get started

    Follow the steps below to build your first data feeds within 5 minutes.

    Choose ‘Add shop’ to add a new shop to your account.


    LightSpeed Shopping Cart in DataFeedWatch


    Set a name for your shop and select ‘LightSpeed (SEOshop)’ in the ‘select - source’ dropdown.


    DataFeedWatch LightSpeed Shopping Cart Integration


    Fill out the necessary fields for language, region, shop-id and shop-url. You’ll find your shop-id at the left top corner of your LightSpeed / SEOshop account.


    LightSpeed SeoShop DataFeedWatch Integration


    Specify in the ‘Update schedule’ how many times and when DataFeedWatch has to download the input feed from your webshop. Click on ‘Create shop’ to save your settings and your shop is added.


    LightSpeed Shopify and DataFeedWatch Install Guide


    Click on the ‘Install’ button of your new shop in the ‘My Shops’ view.


    Install LightSpeed with Shopify and DataFeedWatch


    I am the shop owner

    Are you a merchant or do you have access to the LightSpeed / SEOshop account then click on ‘Install’.


    LightSpeed and SEOshop Install Options on Shopify


    Log into your LightSpeed / SEOshop admin account and click ‘next’.


    Install DataFeedWatch with LightSpeed and SEOshop


    Install DataFeedWatch by clicking ‘grant access’.


    LightSpeed SEOshop Integration Install


    I am not the shop owner

    If you don’t have access click ‘Get details’ to contact and inform the account owner about the necessary actions he has to take.

    Copy the link and the token and send it to the shop owner.


    LightSpeed WebShop Install Options


    Wait for the shop owner to install DataFeedWatch. Once it’s done the “Install” button will change to the “Channels” button.

    Now you’re ready to build your first data feed! More on creating data feeds with DataFeedWatch you can find right here.

    The DataFeedWatch app is now available in the LightSpeed / SEOshop App store in the United States, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands.


    LightSpeed Shopping Cart Integration Guide DataFeedWatch


    Want to know more about the data feed management tool of DataFeedWatch, request for a live demo now!

    Original author: René Bisschop