How to List Your Products on Amazon Marketplace

How to List your Products on Amazon Marketplace


Merchants can also create data feeds for Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Marketpalce Ads Template in DataFeedWatch 

We have launched it as a separate Amazon add-on, priced handsomely at $99/month. 

The add-on allows users to map any number of various Amazon Marketplace templates and automatically upload these templates to Amazon on a daily basis. This will help create effective Amazon Product Listings.

Should any uploaded data feed contain errors, a user will instantly receive an email with a detailed processing report.


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Amazon Marketplace Ads Processing Report Settings


Another smart feature included in the add-on is a possibility to automatically deactivate products in Amazon that were disabled in or removed from the shop.


Disable Products in Amazon Marketplace Ads


Please read:

Amazon Marketplace add-on page


Amazon Marketplace help page

for more information.





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