DataFeedWatch: Newer, Better, Faster!

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We are proud to present a new version of DataFeedWatch. It is newer, better and faster. We are implementing the new version gradually, so you will see it for some channels now and for other channels later. The look is different, but your feeds and your mappings are still exactly the same.

The next DataFeedWatch generation is:

  • Faster - Pages are loading much faster in your browser
  • More Functionality - like the Enhanced ''IF'' rules for more specific conditions
  • Intuitive: The basic layout is even easier to use, thanks to a more intuitive and polished interface.

Among the numerous changes this new version, let us put on the spotlight the most important ones:

1. Basic layout

The most noticeable change is the interface change of the ''Field Mapping Template''.

Old DataFeedWatch Interface:

DataFeedWatch Old Interface

New DataFeedWatch interface:

New Map Fields Rules in DataFeedWatch

As you can see below, we still have the output fields on the left side of the page; your own input fields on the right and the functionality (mapping types) in the middle.

We put the choice between All products and IF in a switch; just click which one you want.

Edit values functionality is still in the same place but will show in a pop-up if you click it.

Old Edit Values Interface:

Old Edit Values in DataFeedWatch

New Edit Values Interface:

New Edit Values DataFeedWatch

2. Fold in and out

Having a quick overview of all the conditions applied to any given attribute is fundamental for speed and sometimes clarity.

We added a way to fold in all rules, so you can review all your rules at a single glance.

Fold In All Rules in DataFeedWatch

Or you can fold them all out with the same button.

Fold Out All Rules in DataFeedWatch

But you can also fold in & out the individual rules with the small ’triangle-button’ on the right side of each rule.

3. More functionality with "and / or"

Going very granular with rules is most of the times necessary. At the same time, keeping track of all the conditions applied to a field at a quick glance is required.

As soon as you click the IF you can add the first Condition, just like in the old version.

New If Rules in DataFeedWatch

But once you added your first condition, you can add more with and/or button on the right and below:

  • if you use an and/or on the right, you will add a “double condition”.
  • if you use the and/or below, you will add a second condition.

The orange IF and the green AND are actually switches, so you can switch between and and or.

New If and Or Rules in DataFeedWatch

Old Version:

Old Rules in DataFeedWatch

Try it out and you’ll see how easy it is.

4. Add Double Conditions for Categories

Category mapping for Google Shopping is most times a bottleneck for merchants. Our previous mapping made it very easy for our customers to select their sub-categories, based on their product types.

The category mapping system has actually not changed, but what we did was to add the same simple and/or logic to categories, so now you can create multiple conditions to specify a category:

New Categories Rules in DataFeedWatch

Feed management and optimization is challenging most of the time, and having an easy to use tool, that doesn't cause frustrations is key to making the process more enjoyable.

We value highly the feedback of our customers and every single change that we implemented is what you have asked. You will see that there are many more improvements in every part of our app, but you will easily find them.

If there's anything you cannot find, you know the drill: Hit the orange CHAT WITH US! button and we’ll gladly and quickly help you out!


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