[Case Study] Optimizing multichannel selling to increase revenue and save time

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Hairlust.com has been a DataFeedWatch client for over a year and has as many as 12 team members using the service. Hairlust creates ad campaigns on a number of channels and marketplaces in 5 countries.

Problem: A growing need for effective multichannel feed management 

As Hairlust grew and expanded to different countries, we faced the challenge of managing product feeds for various online channels effectively. With over 100 unique products, each with different variants, colors, and sizes, it became time-consuming and complex to manually create and update feeds for different channels.

We needed a solution that would allow us to manage our data feeds efficiently, ensure localization for different countries, and integrate with multiple channels.

Solution: Easily creating and customizing feeds with DataFeedWatch

After exploring different options, we discovered DataFeedWatch, a powerful data feed management solution. We chose DataFeedWatch because of its user-friendly interface and the ability to customize product feeds without requiring coding knowledge.

We were able to easily set up and manage our product feeds across different channels by integrating it with Shopify, which we use as our CMS. DataFeedWatch offers extensive customization features, allowing us to tailor our feeds to meet the specific requirements of each channel and ensure localization for different countries.

“One thing that I really like about DataFeedWatch is the customization of product features and the ability to meet channel requirements without the need to code. You can set up things yourself, it’s so easy.”


In our time using DataFeedWatch, we've experienced significant improvements in our revenue generation and operational efficiency. Each month we've increased our monthly revenue by about 200,000 DKK (28.9k USD) which can be directly attributed to using DataFeedWatch. 

It has helped us save valuable time and resources by automating the creation and updating of feeds. We estimated that manually setting up feeds for multiple channels, considering the number of products and countries, would have taken around 20 hours. However, with DataFeedWatch, we were able to streamline this process and achieve the same results within a fraction of the time.

Furthermore, DataFeedWatch's extensive channel integrations allowed us to expand our reach and connect with new audiences. We saw substantial revenue growth from countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and France, where we had strong affiliate partnerships and utilized multiple channels. 

In addition to the time and revenue gains, we appreciated the ease of use and the intuitive nature of DataFeedWatch. Setting up our account was a straightforward process, and we found the available resources and support documentation to be highly useful. 


DataFeedWatch has played an important role in our digital marketing efforts by simplifying and optimizing our data feed management process. With its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and seamless integration with various channels, we were able to efficiently manage our product feeds, ensure localization, and expand our revenue-generating capabilities.

By saving time and resources, we were able to focus on other aspects of our business while still achieving remarkable results. 

About Hairlust: 

We are a clean hair care brand that was launched six years ago with the aim of providing high-quality hair products directly to consumers. Our brand focuses on using natural and organic ingredients while maintaining a playful and colorful approach to packaging.

We prioritize sustainability, innovation, and transparency in the beauty industry. Over the years, we have expanded our product range and are now present in over 1,000 stores globally, including beauty stores and pharmacies.

About DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch by Cart.com is the top-rated global product feed management platform that enables eCommerce brands, retailers, and digital agencies to drive multichannel growth. Merchants on both custom solutions and popular shopping carts, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento (among others), can choose from 2000+ integrated shopping channels, affiliate networks, and marketplaces in 60 countries (such as Google, Facebook, Criteo, Amazon, and more). Major global brands like adidas, Decathlon, and KENZO have used DataFeedWatch to improve product performance across channels and expand to new markets. Sign up for a free trial today and receive guided onboarding to get started.

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