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Build Shopping Feeds in Magento Shops With Multi Store Views

Magento's Multi Store Views are used most often to sell the same products in different countries and/or different languages or to market them under different store-brands.


Multi store views enable you to have 1 product portfolio, but present them with different prices, currencies, language, etc. A store view is effectively a separate store, usually with a separate domain, with products all coming from the same Magento platform. 

Build Shopping Feeds in Magento Shops with Multi-Store Views

Magento Multi Store Views


Let’s say that you would like to sell your products on Google, in the US and Germany.


Google requires a different feed for each country, each in the local language and with the appropriate currency; you can solve the currency-issue with Google's currency converter, but you still want/need to offer the products in the local language.


So you add a German store view and you start building your Google feed from there:


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Adding different store views in DataFeedWatch


You add each store view as a separate shop in DataFeedWatch. This is how you do that:Add a Shop in Magento with Multi-Store Views in DataFeedWatch

To see the entire process, check out our Help page for Magento multi store views.


Create Data Feeds for each Store View


DataFeedWatch downloads a source feed for each store view, with all data in the local language and currency.


Each store view shows in your DataFeedWatch account as a separate shop and you can create feeds, for Google or any other channel, just like you would for any other store.


Consecutive downloads


We found that downloading product data for all or several store views at the same time, can be too big a strain on the server.


That is why we never download more than 1 store view at the same time: All store views are downloaded consecutively, even if you set the same download time for each store view.




Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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