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3dcart: 10 Amazing Resources to Optimize your Data Feed for Comparison Shopping Engines

3dCart Shopping Cart Software

Ladies and gentlemen: we got 'm! From now on 3dcart merchants can benefit from full integration with DataFeedWatch. We have an app in the 3Dcart app store and 3D-merchants are able to create and optimize their data feeds for Google Shopping and 500+ other Shopping Channels all over the world.

Connect your 3dcart shop to DataFeedWatch

You cannot start creating your feeds without connecting your shop to our application. The good news is that you can do it in 8 simple steps. Here is our step-by-step instruction on how to connect 3dcart to DataFeedWatch.


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Optimize your 3dcart feed

3dcart merchants can benefit from the same high quality optimization that is available for other shopping carts.

Here is the list of 10 amazing resources that we gathered for you:

  1. Google Shopping Data Feed for 3dcart shops: Required Fields
  2. How to upload your 3dcart data feed to the Google Merchant Center
  3. The 10 most profitable Google feed optimizations
  4. Include variants in your data feed
  5. Add Brand to your Titles
  6. Exclude unprofitable products
  7. How to track the performance of every single product
  8. Brand, GTIN and MPN on Google Shopping
  9. Add Categories
  10. 5 Simple Steps to Set Product Targets for Google Shopping




Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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