What is it?

DataFeedWatch-Analytics shows you clicks, conversions and revenue for every individual product.

You can see which products are unprofitable and remove them with a single click.

This will boost the performance of your campaigns.


Increase your RoI with DFW-Analytics

You manage your CPC-campaigns on (sub-) category or brand or a combination, because a) managing per product would take too much time b) most channels do not provide you with product level data With DFW-Analytics you continue to optimize the overall campaign performance but you add another optimization:


1. Find your unprofitable products in 20 secondsDFW-Analytics-Filter-Unprofitable-Products2


2. Remove unprofitable products with a single click



Removing products that only cost you money is a big saving. You will no longer waste this part of your advertising budget, but spend it on profitable products instead.


Other Benefits

Identify your winners

You can identify the best performing products the same way. If you know which products get you the most profit, you can increase your bids, improve titles, etc.


All performance data on a single page

You can review the performance of your products on each channel on a single page. That is so much easier to review and compare than having to log in to every channel.


Optimize across channels

You can see for every product how it performs on different channels. Some products do well on channel A and not on Channel B or the other way around.


Price: $0

DFW Analytics is FREE. Gratis. $0 per month per store. Compliments of the guys at DataFeedWatch. Enjoy!


How does it work?

Simple: We add tracking code to your product-URLs. That enables us to track data on product level (and for each channel). We then download your Google Analytics-data and present all performance data per product in a simple overview:



How can I get Analytics?

Simple: You click ‘Install’ on the Analytics page.


You will be asked to log into your Google Analytics account and approve the access for DataFeedWatch and to select the right profile.

That’s it! Please note that the tracking code will be added from this moment. So it will take 24-48 hours before you see the first results.

And it will take a month before you have gathered 30 days of product level data. So start now!  


FAQ: Can I see CPC and CPA as well?

YES, cost data is an extra module that we currently offer to a limited number of beta-users.

Ping us if you would like to add that before we officially release it!


FAQ: What happens to my own tracking code?

Nothing. It stays as it is. Whether your own UTM-codes were already in the source feed or if you added them in DFW: our Analytics tracking code is added. So: behind yours.


FAQ: My AdWords data is different from your DFW-Analytics data

Yes. That is correct. You know that we use the data from your own Google Analytics account.

And even though AdWords and Analytics are both from Google, they do not track exactly the same way. Let me give you a few examples:

Visits vs Clicks

Transactions vs Conversions


About DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch is data feed management software that enables merchants on Magento, Shopify, Volusion3Dcart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, VersaCommerce, and numerous other shopping carts to optimize their product data feed for Google and 1000+ Shopping Channels in 50 countries. The most intuitive and easy data feed management and optimization tool on the market. Free trial & live demo available.