[Case study] Optimizing Multichannel PPC Campaigns with Strategic Product Exclusion

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Joyful Bath Co. is a retail company selling hand-made body care products and has been a DataFeedWatch customer for 2.5 years. Since then, we've used the service to save time, eliminate product feed errors and manage our PPC campaigns based on product availability. Our next step is expanding our multichannel marketing strategy with TikTok.

Problem 1: Managing campaigns without a full PPC team

We were seeking a feed management solution at Joyful Bath Co. to address our multichannel advertising challenges. We wanted to ensure our entire product catalog would be easily accessible through Facebook and Google Shopping. 

Expanding to more online channels without a full PPC team was a challenge, not only with preparing our product feeds for each channel, but also for the upkeep. As our plans included advertising on more channels, we needed a solution that was scalable and required minimal oversight while delivering quick results.

Solution: Easy setup and channel templates

DataFeedWatch proved to be the ideal solution for our feed management needs. The initial setup was quick and it worked right away. We were even able to connect with the support team to guide us through the process.

After that, the benefits of automation worked behind the scenes, such as sending product updates to the channels we’re selling on and pausing and resuming products based on their availability. 

The platform offered seamless integration with Google Shopping and Facebook, enabling us to showcase our products on these popular channels. The premade channel templates allow us to easily expand to new channels.

Add channel (1)

Since we're using the same product feed, all we need to do is select the channel we want to use and provide a few details. Then our feed is automatically adapted to the template to ensure we’re complying with each channel's requirements.

After that we can adjust the rules and tailor them to our needs for that channel if needed. Now that we know how straightforward the process is, our next stop is selling on TikTok to expand our multichannel marketing strategy.

There’s also an automatic check for errors before sending the product information to the channels. This lets us rest easy knowing that any potential errors will be caught getting sent to the ecommerce channels. 

These are the types of features that empower small businesses like ours to concentrate on other important tasks.

"We needed a tool that offered plug-and-play functionality and worked efficiently. DataFeedWatch has proven to be that solution for us, allowing us to manage our feeds with ease and precision."

Problem 2: Managing product stock with multichannel selling

Having the ability to update our product listings in real time was a vital factor for us. This way, we could streamline the process of keeping product availability consistent across all channels and avoid any shipping delays that may disappoint our valued customers.

As a business that takes pride in crafting handmade products, it is crucial for us to steer clear of situations where we sell more items than we can manufacture in a timely manner. By excluding certain items, we not only ensure the value and uniqueness of our handmade products but also maintain our commitment to quality. We want to avoid flooding the market with excessive quantities that could compromise the integrity of our offerings.


Solution: Creating rules to automatically pause and resume products

With DataFeedWatch we are able to control which products are shown in our ads by setting up if/then rules. For example, if we want to stop showing one of our items when the stock is low then we could set up a rule that says “Exclude product if the stock is lower than 5”. 

We can also set up a rule to stop showing any product that goes out of stock, which can look something like this: 

There's other criteria you can use to exclude products, like seasonal items or price.


After using DataFeedWatch for the last couple of years, we've seen the following results.

  1. Saving time and effort for our multichannel strategy

Since using DataFeedWatch, we've noticed a remarkable reduction in the time and effort required to manage our advertising campaigns. We no longer had to grapple with intricate and time-consuming manual tasks in Facebook and Google Shopping campaigns. It’s also made expanding to new channels possible for us, when before that would have required a larger PPC team. 

The automation and plug-and-play functionality of DataFeedWatch allowed us to effortlessly execute successful campaigns, freeing up valuable resources for other essential business tasks.

  1. More control and precision

DataFeedWatch provides us with greater control over our product listings across various channels. We can now automatically exclude products from showing on our ads when they are low in stock or out of stock. 

This has given us peace of mind knowing that products won’t go out of stock on one channel before we’re able to update that product on other channels since DataFeedWatch does that for us. We’ve been able to expand our multichannel presence while keeping the level of customer satisfaction we strive for. 

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, DataFeedWatch has proven to be a game-changer for us, freeing up valuable time and energy that can now be directed toward what truly matters. 

“What we appreciate about DataFeedWatch is that it allows us to shift our focus from technicalities related to online advertising and sales. We can now dedicate more attention to enhancing product quality, building our community, nurturing customer relationships, and fostering creative ideas. This newfound freedom enables us to indulge in the aspects of our business that we are truly passionate about.”

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More about Joyful Bath Co.

Joyful Bath Co. crafts natural and organic body care products including aromatherapy shower steamers, bath bombs, body scrubs, face & body soaps and bath salts. Our vegan and cruelty-free products contain naturally effective healing ingredients - coconut oil, Epsom salt, essential oils, oats, mango butter, coconut milk, shea butter and more. 

Our products are wrapped and shipped with eco-friendly packaging, making them gift-worthy and reusable. Our aim is to enhance the simple
joy of taking a bath or shower, elevating the overall experience.

Connecting with our community is important to us, so we actively participate in local cosmetic, lifestyle, and handmade fairs and events. Founded in 2008 by Rochel Roland, we are 100% woman-owned and located in Maryland.

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