How to add product type to your Google Shopping feed

DataFeedWatch enables you to modify anything in your product feed. Customers continuously ask us how to improve their data feed to increase their RoI. Today’s client case: The Missing Attribute: Product Type



Larry called us in a bit of a panic. He is a search engine marketer with a large agency. He just found that ‘Product type’ was missing from his customer’s Google Shopping feed.

But product type was supposed to be the main attribute in their bidding strategy! Even though the rest of the Google Shopping feed was fine, he could not set proper product targets in AdWords.



It had taken him 3 months to get the data feed from his customer. The web shop’s developer had many things on his plate and writing a script to deliver a daily feed for 5,000 products was never high on his list.


Larry didn’t particularly like the idea of going back to this guy and wait another 2 months for him to do it right!


We quickly browsed his data feed and found that the product type (he had 22 different types) was mentioned in the Description in 98% of the cases.


That saved the day for Larry: in our data feed software it took him 10 minutes to create 22 rules to set product type based on description.


Add Product Type from Description in DataFeedWatch



You wonder what happened to the 2%? Larry realized that the description wasn’t right to begin with.


Product type should also be in there for those 25 products: more compelling and a good keyword to add. He just added that in the shop back-end and the problem was solved for 100%.



Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch

Jacques is a shopping feeds industry leader, start-up mentor, and entrepreneur. He's the founder and CEO of DataFeedWatch (acquired by in 2022): a leading global feed management and optimization company that helps online merchants optimize their product listings on more than 2000 shopping channels in over 60 countries. Before founding DataFeedWatch, Jacques held leadership positions in the US and Europe. He is also a seasoned guest speaker at industry events and a mentor at Startup Bootcamp.


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