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Check Your Data Feed Before Sending it to a Shopping Channel

It is often very useful to review your output feed before you send them to the shopping channel. It enables you to see whether the mappings you made did work out as you expected, and a 'general inspection' may also show you which products have missing values.


Check your Data Feed Before Sending it to a Shopping Channel

 For thorough inspection or only for a casual glance. There are 3 ways to to that:


1. Paste the output feed in your browser


This is as simple as it sounds: click the copy-icon next to the URL of your output feed and paste that in your browser.

Copy Output Feed in DataFeedWatch


XML and TXT files will appear in your browser; CSV files will download and can be opened in Excel (as can the xml files).




2. Review the output feed in your DataFeedWatch Dashboard


This option is available from the channels view:


Data Feed Overview in DataFeedWatch


On top of that you can quickly switch between the data feeds, customize columns, sort and filter results.


Data Feed Overview in DataFeedWatch


3. Review the output feed in Excel


You can download your output feed by clicking Options > Download:


Download Output Feed in DataFeedWatch

Then you can open it in Excel:




You can open the downloaded CSV like any other file in Excel, but it may look a little messy, with multiple values per cell. In that case you are better off importing it like this:


Import Data Feed CSV in Excel


You will then be prompted to select your separator and text qualifier. More info: http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/excel-help/text-import-wizard-HP010102244.aspx




You can open an XML file just like an XLS file.

Only Apple users will be unable to open an XML file in excel - Microsoft does not support that.


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