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John Horn

John Horn is a Managing Partner at StubGroup Advertising, a Premier Google Partner ranked in the top 1% of all Google Partners worldwide. He spends his days looking for ways to keep at the cutting edge of the digital advertising world, equipping the team at StubGroup to provide excellent service to clients, and speaking with businesses looking for an effective PPC management solution. And, of course, playing foosball.
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5 Keys to Auditing Your Google Ads Account

Missing growth opportunities happens all the time in Google Ads accounts, which is why it’s critical to regularly audit your account and catch those seemingly inescapable mistakes early. With that in mind, here are five of the top things to look for during any Google Ads audit.
John Horn
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How to increase conversions by 379% on Google Shopping

The PPC team at StubGroup Advertising loves using DataFeedWatch because of success stories like the following.
John Horn
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