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Product categorization changes in Nextag

Following the example of other big players, Nextag decided to create a more granular and specific categorization of products. The reason for this change is to provide a better traffic quality and higher ROI for merchants as well as a better shopping experience for shoppers.


According to the announcement released by WizeCommerce (owner of Nextag) this migration to the new categories will happen automatically over time. New categorization may slightly affect cpc bids so it is highly advisable for merchants to review their bidding strategy.

Any bids that are below the new category minimums will be invalid and need to be updated. You can update your bids in one of two methods:

  • Feed based Bidding: add cost-per-click and provide the bids


  • Dashboard: Adjust in the new dashboard by August 1st

Also new categorization may affect paused products, as product are paused under specific categories, so merchants should make sure all paused products are still paused under the new category nodes. The most practical approach would be to exclude all unwanted products from the feed.

If you advertise on Nextag and do not wish to leave anything to chance best update your data feeds to reflect the new taxonomy. Unless you are already a DataFeedWatch customer. In this case we have it already covered for you :).


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