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DataFeedWatch officially becomes carbon neutral

In just 12 months, DataFeedWatch has achieved its goal of taking better care of the planet, and ultimately achieving carbon neutrality. 


They are now thrilled to announce officially hitting the milestone of becoming carbon neutral after starting this company-wide journey at the end of 2020. Becoming carbon neutral for a company typically means that they have both worked as a team to drastically limit their carbon emissions and started initiatives to offset the remainder of their carbon footprint.


In order to reach that goal over the last 2 years, DataFeedWatch took initiatives like partnering with Tree Nation to plant a tree in honor of every new client that signed up. According to Tree Nation, a single tree can, “offset 200 kilograms of CO2 over its lifetime, or approximately 10 kilograms per year during 20 years.” 


Since partnering with Tree Nation, DataFeedWatch has succeeded in planting 12,342 trees which amounts to 4180.58 tonnes of CO2 captured


At the start of this journey, 79% of DataFeedWatch employees worked from home. In total, their 2020 energy consumption was 10.982 kWh and their GHG emissions were 33,7 t CO2.


DataFeedWatch also consumes less energy than the average non-residential building located in Europe. Office buildings in Europe of a similar size to DataFeedWatch typically use about 250 kWh/m2 of energy a year, totalling about 70.000 kWh annually. This amounts to 6.4 times more energy than DataFeedWatch uses. 


Founder and CEO of DataFeedWatch Jacques van der Wilt reflected on their accomplishment, saying:

At DataFeedWatch, we couldn’t be happier to have reached this milestone of officially achieving carbon neutrality. Now going into the future, we are further dedicated to continuing along this path of offsetting and reducing our carbon footprint as we recognize it’s a lifelong commitment. 

One way they’ll do this is to continue their partnership with Tree Nation, planting trees in honor of new sign ups and other events. Additional methods include going paperless as much as possible, increasing the number of employees who work from home, and extending the lifespan of electronic devices like laptops and monitors. 


They hope that their efforts encourage other companies and individuals to take action as well.


Written by Jamie Koho

Content Copywriter at DataFeedWatch Jamie is a content creator at DataFeedWatch. She is fascinated with feeds, coffee and video games.


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