DataFeedWatch Updates Digest: December 2021

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It’s the final updates digest of the year and we’re here to fill you in on everything that’s been going on at DataFeedWatch in December. The theme of this month is providing you with updated and simpler solutions to actions you already perform. 

December 2021 Updates 

Better Help Center

Easily transfer shops

Google Ads news

Ready for the new year

Better Help Center

The Help Center is always a great place to go if you're looking for a quick answer for things like:

  • Accomplishing a specific goal
  • Learning how to use all the features DataFeedWatch
  • Finding step by step 'how-to' articles 
  • FAQs, and more

If you’ve perused the Help Center recently, you may have noticed that we’ve given it a new look and feel. And that’s not all! We’ve also made an adjustment that will help you find the topic you’re looking for faster.

We made these changes in order to better serve you and give you a better experience while finding the answers you need. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Easier navigation 

First off, we added icons to all of the sub-categories to help them stand and become easily identifiable. The same icons are used on the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page as well.

Updated typography and colors for:

  • Text
  • Links
  • Labels
  • Formatting and numbering

These changes give the page a brighter and more refreshing feel.

Easily find what you're looking for 

We also made some changes under the hood to improve the search functionality. When you type in a keyword or question, the results will now be divided into two sections:

  • Frequently searched
  • Recent articles

Here are some examples of how you can use the search bar. 

In this first example, we’ve entered the keyword ‘Google Shopping’ and are shown the most popular help pages along with articles on the DataFeedWatch blog that are related and have recently been published.

In this example, we’ve just typed in ‘how to’ and are shown the following results: 

Easily transfer your shop to another account

We’ve added a new functionality that will let you transfer your shop in an easier and faster way. Transferring a shop allows you to move it from one DataFeedWatch account to another, for example to your agency’s account or to a different user. 

Previously, when you wanted to do this, it was only possible through contacting our Support team and then filling out a form. Now, you can simply perform this action from your account. 

Here’s how to transfer a shop from one account to another: 

  1. Log into your DataFeedWatch account
  2. Find your shop and click on ‘Shop Settings’ on the left-hand side menu 
  3. Click on ‘Shop Transfer’ from the same menu
  4. Enter the new user’s email address and that’s it!

The shop will be transferred within 48 hours and will be automatically removed from your account once you fill in the form.

Recent Google Ads news

It’s also been a big year for Google with a lot of changes to keep up with. Here are some recent updates we think you shouldn’t miss. 

Important updates

Google rolled out these updates that might have had an impact on your overall performance. While we don't know specifically what Google has changed for each one, they have provided articles that give users a general idea on the Google Search Central site (we've included links for each). 

  • November 2021 Core update - When Google performs a core update, some website pages may not perform as well as they used to. If you noticed a drop in traffic around November, for example, it might be helpful to look at the questions under the 'Focus on content' section of the 'What site owners should know about core updates' Google Search Central article.  

  • November 2021 Spam update - Although specifics are not known, this update to the algorithm was made to help Google fight to keep spam pages out of search results. They've run several this year and have a helpful article with best practice and their goals with the spam updates

  • December 2021 Product Review update - This update was run in order to maintain and increase a high quality of the product reviews that are shown on Google. They go into more details in this article and mention a couple of best practices that ensure quality reviews like including photos and including links to multiple sellers. 

New ‘Assets Library’ in closed beta

Some users of the Ads Creative Studio now have closed beta access to a new Assets Library. This will allow users to do things like store images they've used in other campaigns and use them again. This library will potentially be very helpful for dynamic ads.  

Custom columns updated

Custom columns are a feature you can use with Google Ads data that allows you to see the exact data and metrics you want to. They've now been given a new look and also have some new metrics and functions available to use.  

Ready for the new year 

Going into 2022, we'll continue to be committed to listening to your feedback, improving our solutions to better serve you, and being there for you every step of the way. 

We hope you’ve had a very successful peak season, a wonderful New Years and are ready to tackle 2022 alongside us. See you next month for the January updates! 

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