DataFeedWatch Updates Digest: September 2021

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It’s that time again where we give you an update about what’s been going on here at DataFeedWatch. Let's get into it!  

September 2021 Updates: 

Refreshed Analytics dashboard

Cost Data temporarily removed

Updated Bol API for seamless selling

Refreshed Analytics dashboard

All DataFeedWatch subscribers have now been moved over to the new version of Analytics. The older dashboard has now been removed for everyone as well. 

Not only does the new dashboard look more refreshed, but it has also been updated under the hood. We now have the room to develop our analytics technology further and add new features in the future. 

How does it work?

DataFeedWatch Analytics dashboard allows you to get an overview of your account quality, either for individual shops, or all of the shops in your account at once.

It's broken down by shops and channels and will show you which ones are:

  • Okay
  • Have issues
  • Have errors 

Clicking on 'See details' for both the shops and channels sections will show you the:

  • Issue type
  • Error message
  • Severity 

This allows you to fix any problems quickly because you'll know exactly what they are and where to find them.

Cost Data temporarily removed

While updating to the new Analytics, we also have temporarily suspended the feature Cost Data as part of our offering. This will free up the resources for us to focus on other areas of Analytics for now. 

Once we have updates about Cost Data, we will be sure to let you know about them through the updates digest.

Updated Bol API for seamless selling

This update is for our sellers on Bol. As Bol releases new versions of their software, so do we. In order to keep your feeds, campaigns, and sales going seamlessly, we’ve upgraded our connection. 

Previously we were running API version 3, and now we’re running API version 5. You can rest assured knowing that we are always up to date with all requirements so there won’t be any disruption to your campaigns. 

Why sell on

Bol is an online marketplace that allows sellers to list both new and used items for shoppers in Belgium and the Netherlands. The site has even won awards like 'Best Online Store' and 'Best Webshop' in both countries. 

It works kind of like Amazon and has about 15 million products listed in categories like:

  • Books
  • Beauty and health
  • Garden and DIY
  • Household items
  • Electronics
  • And more

Want to learn more about selling on this channel? Check out our Bol channel guide here.


Thank you for stopping by. And remember, if you want to read up on other weekly updates like bug fixes and channel updates, you can visit the Release Notes page. 

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Until next time!

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