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Exclude a List of Products From Your Data Feed

Do you want to sell more through your shopping campaigns? Removing the unprofitable, seasonal, out-of-stock and low-price products from your shopping feeds is one of the solutions.


Advertising fewer products will ensure that your budget will be spent wisely on the products that are giving you the best bang for your buck.

There are numerous criteria based upon which you can remove products from the feed: seasonality, performance data, price, margins, brands, product types and many more.


Exclude a List of Products From Your Data Feed


What do you do when you need to create a rule for products that have nothing in common? They are from different brands or categories, have different prices, colors or other attributes. So there is not a single rule by which you can capture them.

Remove a List of Product From Your Feed


IS IN LIST is another small functionality that makes DataFeedWatch great to work with. You can upload a file with products and use them to create rules, like Excluding them from a data feed.


Most probably you have all these unrelated products already in a list. Armed with it you can make a rule that applies to all products that are in that list:



Product is in List in DataFeedWatch



Let's assume that you have a CSV file with all the unique IDs of all the products that you would like to exclude. You can create a rule that says: Exclude  IF  'id'   is in list and then click the browse-button to select the file with these IDs. This will ensure that all the IDs in the list are excluded from your feed (only on the channels of your choice).



The list of products that needs to be excluded can be either uploaded from your desktop or from an URL (Google Spreadsheets, for example). Check this post if you want to learn more on how to optimize your product feeds with Google Spreadsheets. 




If you later want to quickly see what was in that file, just mouse-over the file name and you will see the content of your csv in an overlay.



Data Feed Optimization Exclude Products in DataFeedWatch


There are various ways in which you can exclude a product from the feed and if you want to tap into the potential of excluding products from your shopping feeds we recommend you go over at: How to Exclude Products From Your Feed the Right Way.


Sometimes advertising fewer products will get you more sales. Just make sure to focus your attention on the products that are bringing in the best results.


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Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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