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New in DataFeedWatch: Extract Values

Often times product feeds are incomplete. They miss important attributes that are either required, or highly recommended. If a merchant finds themselves in this situation, they have no alternative other than to rely on their IT department to create the needed product fields.




That is, unless you use DataFeedWatch. Most likely you know that you can create new attributes by extracting values out of existing fields.


A classic example is missing colors or product types. You can create the new field by extracting the values from another attribute.





Now, we’re giving you a much faster option: ‘’Extract from’’ to create new fields from scratch.


Let’s see how  this works with a use case.


How to use Extract From in your mappings


Let's say you have the color attributes in all your titles, but you miss the attribute ''color'' in your product data as a separate field.




The quickest and fastest solution is to extract all the color values from the ''title'' field.


Let’s see what steps you need to take in order to create the new field:


Step 1. Provide a list of values you want to extract from the main field. In our case, the list of values would like like this:





Step 2. Create the new field Color and use the mapping type Extract From.






Step 3. Select the field from which you want to extract the colors and provide the list of values.

In our case, we will extract the colors from the title and we will upload the list of values from our computer.





Step 4. We will look for each color from the list in the title and if we find it we will extract it from the title. Your new field color will be created with the values from your list


Step 5. If you want to use this field for other channel mappings you can save it as an internal field.


The color field is a handy example. Of course, you can use this function for whatever field you are missing in your feed.


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