[Case Study] Optimizing Key Components of a Product Feed

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Creme de la Creme Shop is a leading, Danish distributor of skin care products, perfume and hair products in Denmark. Our team utilizes DataFeedWatch for all Google Shopping clients to improve existing product feed information in the best way possible. 

Over the years we've worked with Google Shopping, we've found that feed optimization is a crucial part of achieving great performance with your shopping campaigns.

Proper categorization, filling in the blanks, feed segmenting - it's all a part of the process. At Search Partners one of our favorite optimization methods is specialized use of custom labels, in which we divide items by price level, seasonality, offers, or bestsellers.

Custom Labels:

Custom Labels allow for a greater freedom when it comes to the bidding strategies within your Shopping Campaign. 

Google Shopping enables you to divide your campaigns based on Category, product Type, ID, Condition, Brand, Channel, and Channel exclusivity.

If you'd like to break down your product groups by another attribute - Custom Labels offer an opportunity to create groups of products based on your chosen conditions. While the other feed attributes are tied to a specific product, and have to be the same as shown on the landing page, custom labels can be anything you want.

At Creme de la Creme, custom labels are used to divide items by price level:

  • High - products above 801 DKK
  • Middle - products between 301-800 DKK
  • Low - products from 0-300 DKK 
  • Bestsellers
  • Items on offer or season

Items on offer run in a separate campaign in order not to affect bidding strategies in other campaigns, which contain items not on offer.

By improving the division of items in Google Shopping campaign, the conversion rate has improved by 21% compared to the pre-improved feed.


The taxonomy is crucial for Shopping Ads as it helps Google understand your products better, and therefore identify if the products in a given feed are a good match for a given customer's search query.

Manually mapping google product categories, further improves our feed relevance, as not all product categories re present in the client CMS. 

Higher product relevance leads to better CTR, which as a result, leads to more sales and revenue for our client.

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Product Identifiers:

Factors improving performance are among other things import of GTINs from spreadsheets or merging feeds in terms of adding cost data to the feed. Importing cost data is a easily done using the lookup table function


Google uses GTIN to better understand and classify the products from your store. Thanks to that, your ads are being shown for more relevant searches, which equals increased Conversion Rate. It also contributes to a higher quality score, which in the result helps you save up on CPC.

Currently, Google requires GTIN for all new products, which have had the GTIN assigned by the manufacturer.

Therefore, the use of GTINs is highly important, and our Google Merchant account shows 0 warnings or disapprovals after the use of DataFeedWatch. 


Some Danish special characters are tricky and don't display properly in the original data source. To improve and rewrite descriptions we use the lookup table. This way we ensure that the potential customers will be exposed to clear and easily readable product description when interacting with the ad.


Final thoughts:

The feed attributes we covered in this article are oftentimes just as crucial when advertising on many other platforms, as they are for your Google feed.

Creme de la Creme also utilizes channels other than Google Shopping. For this purpose, DataFeedWatch makes a crucial difference as all feeds can be customized down to the last detail to requirements specifications from platforms such as Miinto or Pricerunner. 

If you want to learn how to manage your client's product effectively, you may find it interesting: 8 Methods PPC Teams Use To Improve Their Feed Management Operations

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