The Complete Guide To Data Feed Optimization

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Data feed optimization is critical for successful shopping campaigns. To understand how it works we need to understand what are the elements of feed optimization and how they interlink.  
That is why we have created the first Complete Guide to Data Feed Optimization. Our guide will demystify product feed optimization with very practical examples. Through tips and tricks you will improve your feed knowledge and skills and learn how to keep feed optimization under control.
Looking back, data feed optimization used to be a task that marketers were happy to leave to the IT department. Things have changed a lot in the recent years and marketers have become more hands on with their feeds. Still, given the importance of product feeds in PPC campaigns, there is a long road ahead.
With the right tools and knowledge feed optimization is a task that can, and should, be performed by marketing managers.
Here, we will walk you through the most important elements of feed management and optimization with our step-by-step feed optimization guide.

1. How do you meet the feed requirements of the shopping channels?

  • What are the feed specifications of the most important channels?
  • How do you solve the most common problems with required fields: product IDs, shipping and tax, URL, prices, and GTINs?

2. What can you do to improve the quality of the product feeds?

  • Learn to create better product titles based on best practices for different verticals
  • Improve the product descriptions and chose the best images for the product listing ads
  • Add the missing fields to your feed without modifying the source feed and learn whether it's best to include parents or variants in the feed
  • How do you create categories according to Google's specifications quick and easy?
  • What are the benefits of scheduling multiple daily feed updates and how do you do it?

3. What tactics can you use to improve the shopping campaign ROI?

  • Which criteria to utilize when selecting the products you want to advertise for?
  • How do you enhance the product feed with data intelligence from your CRM or Price Ranker?
  • Why the product type is so important, and how can you use it in your bidding strategies?
  • How do you adjust your bids based on the performance of each individual product?

4. Which shopping channels should you advertise on?

  • Discover our top tricks that will boost your multichannel strategy
  • Learn what how to select the best shopping channels for your vertical

The product feed is the foundation on which each successful PPC-campaign is built

It is important to nail every element of feed optimization of the most valuable asset of your product advertising campaigns: your data feed. In the end the accuracy of your data feed is what will determine the ad relevancy for customer searches. 

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