The 10 Best Tips and Articles of 2016

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The end of December is that time of the year when we take a moment and analyze what we've done right and where we need to work to make things better.

Among all the things we are analyzing we also had a look at all the blog posts we've written this year, which we hope have been a game changer for some of our customers and website visitors.

That is why we want to let the light shine down on some of the topics that sparked the interest of most readers.

1. The Pros and Cons of the various shopping channels

Today online merchants know how important it is to have a diversified online presence and be wherever the clients are.

The drawback is that some channels are more complex than others, they all operate on different pricing schemes and there are some differentiators that make them suitable for different types of merchants.

Read more if you want to know more on the difference between search engines, marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks. Read More

2. 13 Google Shopping Updates You Should Pay Attention To

Google is clearly on its path towards shopping dominance and is relentlessly testing out and releasing new and cool features for the Google Shopping retailers.

We know that keeping abreast with all these updates it's not easy and so we have compiled together all the updates that happened in the first 9 months of this year to make it easier to have a quick glance over. Read More

3. 7 Tips for Google Shopping Feed Optimization [EXPERT Level]

At DataFeedWatch we work with retailers of all shapes and sizes and throughout the time we have created numerous articles to help out the advertisers just starting up with Google Shopping.

At the same time, a big part of our clients is managing feeds of hundreds of thousands of products on several continents. For them, we created a list with valuable tips, which you can find useful if you're looking to upgrade your feed optimization knowledge. Read More

4. Increase your offline sales with Google's Local Inventory Ads

Seizing the mobile opportunity. That's what 2016 has been all about and the fever will continue in 2017.

With the Local Inventory Ads retailers can take advantage of the increasing mobile usage in the shopping patterns of their potential customers and drive more traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores. Read More

5. 5 Tips To Crush Google Shopping On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Although the tips in this post were aimed at the retailers in preparation for two of the most profitable days of the year, implementing these tips is a sure way to increase your sales at any time of the year.

Don't be turned down by the title, the pieces of advice from this post are evergreen. Read More

6. 6 Easy Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Optimization Tricks To Boost Your RoI

More and more retailers are seeing great results from Facebook and their latest features such as Local Ads have made the advertising platform even more attractive.

If you're thinking of getting started with the Dynamic Product Ads and tap into Facebook's huge and very receptive audience start with this post here. Read More

7. The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

If you can't beat them join them, an old proverb says. Amazon's the number one place to go for most shoppers.

Still, Amazon may not be the best solution for everyone so, before jumping on the bandwagon it's best to evaluate a few factors and decide whether the marketplace is going to be beneficial to your long-term strategy. Read More

8. How to Remove Unprofitable Products in Google Shopping

All that talk on how to increase the ROI of the advertising shopping campaigns would be incomplete if the unprofitable products subject would be left out of the discussion.

We know that identifying and removing products from the feeds is important to the overall performance and the unprofitable products were the starting point for the development of our DFW-Analytics module. Read More

9. Finding GTINs for your products

With Google enforcing the need of adding the GTINs to the product data, the retailers that have neglected them found themselves with their back to the walls.

As a result, we've seen a rise in the interest of our clients and other merchants on how to add the GTIN information to their feeds. If you still haven't added the GTINs to your feed start with this post here. Read More

10. 6 Common Feed Errors in Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

The feed errors and the channel disapprovals are always a show stopper. Any disapproval will result in lost sales and time, so if there's anything that you can do to minimize or avoid the rejection of the feed then you should take all measures to prevent it.

We've put together a list with the most common feed disapprovals on Facebook based on the tickets our support team is getting.

All these posts have been already vouched and appreciated by the community of 15,000 marketing managers of online retailers that visit our website every month.

We are always open to suggestions and input, so if you'd like us to cover topics that we haven't covered yet then please do let us know in the comment section down below. Read More

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