Amazon ASIN Number: What is it and How do You Get it?

    What is Amazon ASIN Number and how to get it

    ASIN numbers play an important role in managing the product catalog on Amazon. Having the right ASIN will not only make your products easier to find by shoppers but will also protect your products from counterfeits.

    ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number and it is given to each product that is uploaded for sale on Amazon. Amazon uses ASIN codes to easily identify and group products that are considered to be the same product.

    ASIN numbers can also be used to find products on Amazon's catalog faster than browsing through hundreds of items one at a time.

    Here, we will walk you through the most important elements of Amazon ASIN Number. You can click the links to go directly to a specific step:

    How to get an ASIN Number?

    Identifying the correct Amazon ASIN is particularly important for Amazon when showing your products to customer's relevant searches.


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    Unique products 

    If your products are unique, Amazon will assign you a unique ASIN for them. You just need to create a new product in Amazon Catalog and provide Amazon with the UPC or EAN code or your product.  

    Add a New Produc Amazon ASIN

    Regular products

    If your competitors are already selling on Amazon, it means that there is an ASIN created for the same products. In this case, you will have to look for the right ASIN and there are several ways in which you can find it.

    1. The easiest way to get the ASIN is to look at the URL. Select and Copy the ASIN number as shown in the picture below:

    Amazon ASIN URL


    2. You can also find the ASIN by scrolling down to the Product Details section of the page. 

    Amazon ASIN Product Details

    Since this is manual work, the above suggestions will work only if you have a limited a number of products in the catalog.

    3. If you have more than a few dozens products in the catalog you can use software or tools such as or Amazon Web Service’s ASIN lookup tool. Some shopping carts will have direct integrations with Amazon. BigCommerce, for example, have their our Free ASIN look-up tool which will help you find the ASINs faster.

    4. Should the above not have brought up the product’s ASIN, try searching by UPC or a variety of descriptions.

    5. Go to the Amazon Seller Central page, select Inventory, click ‘Add a Product’. This page will help you find your ASIN.

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    How to find the ASINs in DataFeedWatch? 

    At DataFeedWatch we offer a useful resource that connects to your Amazon seller account, downloads ASIN numbers and assigns them to your products.

    ASIN numbers are downloaded to our system after each successful feed upload. You can also trigger downloading ASIN numbers manually from Amazon Marketplace options. 

    Amazon ASIN Number


    You can also review and edit ASIN numbers by selecting the ‘Show ASINs’ option. ASIN numbers edited by a user will not be overwritten by the system.

    On top of that, there are filters that will quickly show you for which products ASINs: were assigned or not or were edited.

     Amazon ASIN Filters


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    How to make the most of the ASIN Number? 

    Here, we'll share with you some powerful and very useful ways to take advantage of ASIN numbers.


    Brand Gating on Amazon

    First, let's talk about Brand Gating on Amazon. It is Amazon's latest effort in fighting counterfeit sales on their platform and protecting your brand from unauthorized use.

    Under the new policy resellers must pay fees up to $1500 per brand and show recent and updated purchase invoices as well as written permission from the brands you are representing.

    If you want to protect your brand, here's how you can get your brand reviewed by Amazon for gating.

    Amazon ASIN Brand Registry Program

    First, apply for Amazon Brand Registry and provide them with your seller ID. You will need to include in your application the ASIN numbers for which you want your brand to be protected.

    Once ASIN numbers are gated other sellers will see a message stating they need approval from you in order to resell a particular item.

    If you want to protect your brand on Amazon we recommend two excellent resources:

    Brand registry on Amazon: you can register your brand in order to have more influence on the content of your product detail page. 

    Brand gating on Amazon: to protect your brand against counterfeits and hijackers.


    Merge ASIN numbers

    Another way to protect your brand is by merging ASIN numbers to avoid duplicates listings. All you need to do is open a support case and submit an ASIN merge request to Amazon.

     Merge Amazon ASIN Numbers


    Amazon Support

    When contacting Amazon support the ASIN number is the easiest and quickest way for them to locate an item and provide you with the support you need.

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    Fully optimizing your products by making sure you have the right ASINs may seem like a lot of hard work, but remember Amazon dominated 2016 as an online retailer and it does not look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

    If you are looking to Double your Amazon Sales, we have covered 9 other optimization tips that will help you increase the visibility of your listings.  


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