10 TikTok Ad Examples that Work for Retail in 2024

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Advertising on TikTok has its own set of rules whereby content quality, creativity and authenticity are at the heart of what users expect. To be successful, your ads need to align with the platform and expectations. Let’s take a look at TikTok Ad examples that have worked particularly well for retailers, providing inspiration for your next TikTok campaign. 

  • Get inspired by retail brands who have used TikTok advertising to reach and engage with large audiences creatively, building community and driving action.
  • See how each of the different ad formats on TikTok can be used to your advantage depending on what your objective is and what you would like to achieve. 
  • Discover ad formats that are designed for e-commerce businesses by allowing advertisers to incorporate a product feed, which is an effective way to put the spotlight on products and encourage sales. 

10 TikTok ad examples from retail brands

There are several TikTok ad formats to choose from, all of which can be effective. The TikTok strategy for maximizing results is to align your ad format with your objective. 

For example, Spark Ads and TopView Ads are great options for brand awareness. Incorporating a call-to-action or product feed into Spark Ads is an efficient way to make them Shoppable. Video Shopping Ads and Collection Ads are designed to drive product visibility and online sales. Branded Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effects Ads are powerful tools for generating engagement. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best TikTok ad examples for retail brands and how the chosen ad format has been advantageous and delivered a positive outcome. 


1. CoverGirl In-Feed Ads

US makeup brand CoverGirl harnessed the power of In-Feed video ads with a makeup tutorial video. Tutorials are big on TikTok and what’s great about this ad is that it feels natural and authentic. It showcases products in action and provides useful information about the product and how to apply it so the audience can get a feel for it. 


CoverGirl TikTok ad example 

In-Feed video ads appear in the ‘For You’ section on TikTok when users scroll through their video feed. They are similar to the types of ads we see on Instagram Stories and Reels and they have a tendency to blend in nicely with organic video content, providing they are well executed. This makes them a great choice for retailers who don’t want to come across as a salesperson and instead evoke natural interest from their audience. 

This is what makes the CoverGirl TikTok ad example so great because it resulted in making the most of using video - it’s visual, the voiceover is captivating, and the products are center-stage but it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. Overall it fits well as an In-Feed Ad on TikTok and feels authentic. 

2. The Farmer's Dog Spark Ads

Another example of video content that feels authentic, this time less of an advert and more of a customer review, comes from The Farmer’s Dog. The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food subscription brand and they used Spark Ads on TikTok to promote their healthy dog food. 

Spark Ads are very similar to In-Feed Ads and they appear in the same place, except they are posted from real TikTok accounts. The call-to-action button on Spark Ads takes users to the TikToker’s profile, rather than an external landing page. The ads can be posted from your account or from other TikTok accounts with permission, for example a collaborator or influencer. This is exactly how The Farmer’s Dog has used Spark Ads. 

The Farmer’s Dog collaborated with content creators on TikTok to promote their product to fellow dog owners. The creator gives 60% off by using a discount code that can be found in their profile bio, so those interested in getting this discount can click through and get it. 


The Farmer's Dog TikTok ad example 

TikTok reports that The Farmer’s Dog was able to improve its conversion rate by 5% and reduce CPAs by an impressive 62%, by following best practices. This included using highly targeted audiences along with video content that was fast-paced, informative and emotive - the happiness of the dog shines through. In terms of TikTok ad copy examples, The Farmer’s Dog has executed it well with informative and fun text-overlay throughout the video. 

3. American Eagle Video Shopping Ads

Clothing and accessories retailer American Eagle spearheaded Video Shopping Ads on TikTok to promote their summer collection to drive both discoverability and sales. Their Video Shopping Ads are fun and engaging, with models wearing clothes from the collection and the ads incorporating a product catalog to showcase products in the call-to-action card. 


American Eagle Tiktok ad example 

Video Shopping Ads are a shoppable ad format, designed to target consumers who are ready to take action and buy. This ad format is described by TikTok as ‘smart and advanced’ and some of the features are fully automated, such as choosing the products to show to a user based on their behavior and interests. They feature in the ‘For You’ video feed, however, compared to In-Feed Ads they can feel more polished and professional, especially if a product feed has been linked to the ad. 

TikTok reports that American Eagle achieved 40% higher ROAS and 32% more efficient CPA when experimenting with this ad format, which proves they have clout. Video Shopping Ads are unapologetically product-focused, making them worthy of a spot on our list of TikTok ad examples that work for retail. 

4. Stella McCartney In-Feed Ads

Luxury fashion designer Stella McCartney succeeded with an understated approach to In-Feed Ads that are the total opposite of how CoverGirl used InFeed Ads. The video features two items from their collection - a dress and a bag - being worn by a model. However, you can’t see the model or items in full and the focal point of the video is actually what the person is eating, along with the sound of seagulls and the voiceover. 


Stella McCartney TikTok ad example 

The ad itself is only 8 seconds long and it feels more like product placement, rather than a product-focused advert. This understated approach demonstrates how retailers can use In-Feed Ads naturally and authentically, with some added humor and nostalgia, using a video that’s short and punchy. It blends in well with organic videos.

It’s reported that this ad generated 3 million impressions, 20,000 clicks, and 8,000 new followers for Stella McCartney, which makes it a great example of how retailers can use the versatility of TikTok ad formats to promote their products.

5. Clearly Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads

Canadian eyewear brand Clearly used Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads to garner a lot of engagement from a wide audience, simultaneously promoting products and boosting brand awareness. Clearly posted their Branded Hashtag Challenge video and then encouraged users to post their version of the video, showing off their best looks with their favorite pair of glasses.


Clearly TikTok ad example 

A Branded Hashtag Challenge is an especially effective way to encourage users to create content using your hashtag, which can achieve a lot of engagement and organic visibility. This type of video content is more suited to brand awareness, especially compared to shoppable formats such as Product Video Ads and Collection Ads. However, when used right it’s still a great format for retailers who are building and nurturing a community.

Clearly prove this by achieving 20 million video views and 12,000 new followers in the first 6 days of the campaign. Clearly also raised awareness for a charity they are supporting, which is to donate a pair of glasses to a person in need with every pair purchased. This also resonated well on TikTok and contributed to the success of the campaign. 

6. Balenciaga TopView Ads

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga used TopView Ads on TikTok to promote a collection of products using high-quality video content. The video showcases individual products and when a user clicks on the call-to-action card that accompanies the video, they are taken straight to a product page on the Balenciaga website where they can browse and make a purchase. 



Source: Later

TopView Ads work by showing your video in full-screen for the first 3 seconds at the top of the ‘For You’ section. It’s considered a premium placement and it gives brands enough time to convey their message through video and sound, since these ads autoplay. They are similar to Brand Takeover Ads, however, they aren’t the first thing a user sees when they open the app. After 3 seconds they become In-Feed videos. 

TopView Ads are a great example of how retailers can use premium ad formats that combine both quality visuals with a call-to-action and an ad that’s shoppable. For Balenciaga’s brand, this TikTok ad format works particularly well and feels authentic. 

7. Queen Cosmetics TikTok Shop Ads

Beauty brand Queen Cosmetics complemented its organic content strategy using TikTok Shop Ads. Organic videos that performed well were repurposed and used as Spark Ads to increase traffic to their TikTok Shop, which is a savvy way of creating ads and reaching a larger audience. 

They also turned organic video content into Video Shopping Ads to raise the visibility of certain products, using the product card feature in the videos. When a user clicks on the product card’s call-to-action, they are taken directly to the product in the TikTok Shop. 

The videos make effective TikTok ads because they are authentic, they show the products being used and the owner of Queen Cosmetics is a trusted TikToker with a strong community. 


Quenn Cosmetics ad example 

Queen Cosmetics used TikTok Shop Ads to generate growth by reaching a large audience and putting the spotlight on individual products. This resulted in a direct increase in sales. ROAS exceeded the target of 2.5x and increased to 7.4x, proving to be a great example of how TikTok Ads can be used by retailers. 

8. PepsiCo Brand Takeover Ads

Global brand PepsiCo used a combination of Brand Takeover and In-Feed Ads in Australia to launch new product flavors. It was the first time they released new flavors in 30 years and their first time advertising on TikTok. The ads were high quality and polished, showcasing the new products but also strong on branding, achieving exactly what they were supposed to. 


Brand Takeover Ads are very similar to TopView Ads because they are a full-screen ad format. The main difference is they show for 5 seconds before transitioning to standard In-Feed Ads again. If a user taps or swipes they are taken wherever the brands choose, whether it’s inside TikTok or to an external like. Only one brand can take over a category for a day with their ad, which means enormous awareness and reach potential, however, they also come with a larger price tag.

In one day the Brand Takeover Ad CTR was 24%, which is exceptionally high for social media advertising, along with reaching 2.4 million users. By the time the campaign ended, it had delivered 10 million impressions and 936,000 users had watched the video until the end. This level of brand awareness and engagement is really valuable and can also have a big impact on sales. 

9. Crocs Branded Hashtag Ads 

American footwear company Crocs used its brand image to its advantage with a Branded Hashtag campaign called #CrocTok, encouraging their biggest brand advocates to engage. The campaign saw TikTok users posting videos in everyday settings wearing their Crocs to create the ‘Crocs aesthetic’. 


Crocs TikTok ad example 

This is a great TikTok Ad example because generally, Crocs can divide opinions over how fashionable they are to wear, with some seeing them as casual footwear that you shouldn’t leave the house wearing, while others wear them like they are high fashion. The campaign encouraged people to embrace Crocs and be proud to wear them, creating a community vibe.

It generated a lot of engagement for Crocs and in a short space of time, they’ve managed to grow their TikTok account to over 2.1 million followers.

10. HelloFresh In-Feed Ads

Meal kit delivery business HelloFresh used In-Feed Ads on TikTok with a vlog-style video, showing real people opening, preparing and eating a HelloFresh meal. The video is fast-paced and there’s both a voiceover narrating the whole journey, as well as text over the video highlighting USPs and the benefits of using HelloFresh. 


HelloFresh TikTok ad example (Hubspot) 

Of all the TikTok video ad examples, this style of video emphasizes the specific benefits of advertising on TikTok compared to other advertising channels and in particular, the power of authenticity. In the HelloFresh ad, a real person talks directly to the camera, adding personality and taking you on a journey whilst promoting a brand. It doesn’t feel like a hard sell and instead, it feels like a personal recommendation from a trusted friend. 

4 sales focused TikTok ad formats 

Each TikTok ad format provides advertisers with unique advantages, however, for those interested in generating online sales there are four that stand out. Incorporating a product feed with the following ad formats can help boost product visibility and encourage sales. 

If you are working with an optimized product feed, there is little set up work and your product feed can seamlessly integrate when using a feed management solution like DataFeedWatch. 

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Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are an advanced solution that is designed for e-commerce, enabling online retailers to integrate products into the three following types of ads: 

  • Video Shopping Ads

Video Shopping Ads appear in the ‘For You’ section and they provide retailers with an excellent opportunity to show relevant products with their videos. This format can be used to match product feed items with products that are shown in your video using a call-to-action card, which will link to the product on your website or TikTok Shop.  

What’s also great about this ad format is the products that are shown to users are personalized based on their unique behavior and interests, making them a smart ad format.

In 2023, TikTok also incorporated Collection Ads into Video Shopping Ads - before that Collection Ads were a standalone ad format. Collection Ads allow advertisers to showcase a collection of products to users, who can then browse them in full-screen. TikTok also incorporated Dynamic Showcase Ads into Shopping Ads in 2023, which dynamically show video ads that are customized to users, created in real-time using a chosen template. 

  • Catalog Listing Ads

Unlike Video Shopping Ads which use video, Catalog Listing Ads are designed to show products photos to users on TikTok. One of the benefits to this is you don’t actually need video content to use this ad format. Another benefit is the ability to show a bundle or collection of products, encouraging users to engage with them by scrolling or swiping through different products. 

It’s a dynamic ad format and as with Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Ads are shown in-feed and they come with a CTA button, which navigates the user to your product catalog.

  • Live Shopping Ads

Live Shopping Ads are designed specifically for online retailers, allowing brands to showcase products to their audience in real-time whilst live streaming. It’s a new and exciting concept and one that comes with engaging and interactive features, as well as the ability to incorporate your product feed. 

It’s a unique way to present products to an audience of people who are actively engaging in the live stream and one of the benefits is being able to answer questions and get feedback in real time. It lends itself particularly well to brands that like to unbox, give tutorials or present customer reviews and testimonials. 

With all of these Shopping Ad formats the path to purchase has been streamlined since users can make purchases directly in TikTok. Clicking on the call-to-action button opens up an in-app shopping experience that’s easy to use, similar to what Meta Ads offer. 

Carousel Ads

Similar to carousel ads on Meta, TikTok’s newest ad format provides an exciting opportunity for brands to show a sequence of images along with captions and URLs. The fact that TikTok’s Carousel Ads use images in the first place is unique since TikTok has always been a video-based platform. 

Carousel Ads allow brands to tell a story by using a sequence of images. It’s a space where you can showcase products directly from your product catalog, in a similar way to Shopping Ads, and another effective way to use Carousel Ads is to deep dive into product details. 

Optimize your TikTok product feed

Although it’s possible to connect a product feed directly with TikTok, the downside to this method is a lack of product data optimization. The best practice is to customize your feed for each advertising channel so that your product data, including price, size and availability, etc., is accurate. 

A product feed management solution can optimize your feed specifically for TikTok, along with other channels such as Google and Meta. Follow these steps using DataFeedWatch to create an optimized product feed for TikTok:

  • Select the channel TikTok in DataFeedWatch


  • Map your TikTok product feed and optimize the feed attributes


  • Finally, upload your optimized product feed to TikTok

It’s a simple yet effective way to optimize your products and ensure you get the best possible result from advertising on TikTok. 


With a wide selection of ad formats on offer, the opportunities for online retailers are endless. The TikTok ad examples in this article demonstrate how it’s a space that encourages creativity and authenticity while offering the versatility that advertisers need to tailor the ads to their objectives. 

TikTok users have grown up with social media, digesting content and creating it and because of that, expectations are high when it comes to video content, including TikTok ads. Your TikTok marketing strategy should be carefully planned out and well executed so that it aligns with the platform and with TikTok users. 

If you’re brand new to TikTok advertising a good starting point is understanding how advertising on TikTok differs from Meta Ads. Meta Ads is a well-established marketing channel for eCommerce businesses and TikTok is heading in the same direction. 


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