DataFeedWatch Updates Digest June 2021

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Ch-ch-ch-changes! Here at DataFeedWatch, we are always looking for ways to improve the experience for our clients. Over the past few months we’ve made updates big and small, so we wanted to give you an overview of the most important ones and any implications they have for you. We’ve got new features, updates to the app, and overall improvements. 

Let’s take a look at what’s new at DataFeedWatch. 

Table of contents:

Stay up-to-date with Release notes

Learn something new with the DataFeedWatch Academy 

Feed transformation becomes even more powerful

Find what you're looking for with new search abilities

Have an idea? Submit a feature request!


Stay up-to-date with Release notes

Been wondering what’s going on under the DataFeedWatch hood? We’re always improving and making changes in the app behind the scenes, and now you can follow along with those with the release notes page. Check in from time to time to get a snapshot of recent updates. 

They’ll be listed like this:


Keeping up with the release notes will let you be informed about any bugs we’ve fixed, small changes, and all updates big and small. 

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Learn something new with the DataFeedWatch Academy 

School is in session! Introducing the DataFeedWatch Academy. Our team has been working on creating teachable content for merchants, agencies looking for tips, and DataFeedWatch beginners. These courses are perfect for first-time sellers, or if you want to brush up on some optimization tactics.


So far, there are 3 courses you can take:

  • DataFeedWatch Fundamentals
  • Set Up and Optimize your Feeds for Google Shopping Ads 
  • Set Up and Optimize your Feed for Facebook Ads

Each course is in video format (transcripts included), divided into sections, and is taught by one of our enthusiastic feed experts. 

Want to check them out? Sign up here to enroll. 

Stay tuned for more! We’ll be adding courses as time goes on. 

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Feed transformation becomes even more powerful 

We're always looking at the app with fresh eyes and you in mind.  Check out the following additions that will help you sell in more places and make mapping your feeds all that much simpler.  

Copy single fields is now easy peasy

Have you ever been mapping a feed and wished you could just take one rule to another channel rather than the whole feed? Now you can! In addition to copying whole feeds to use on another channel, you can just copy a single field. This will save you time and energy that you can use elsewhere. 

Copying a single field could come in handy if you’ve extensively mapped a rule exactly how you want it, and would like to implement it on your other channels.

copy from other shop 

New channels alert! 

DataFeedWatch now officially supports over 2000 channels. Here’s some of the most recent to make the list: 

  • Neocom - Now also available for Germany

    They describe their product as 'AI powered guided selling'. It helps customers pick the right products for them with unique conversations. 

  • Reelevant - Now also available in the USA

    Create visual content on demand for your website with unique variations. 

  • Upptec - available in many countries 

    Digitalizing the insurance claim process so that you have more time to focus on your clients. 

  • Facebook Marketplace - USA

    A "buy and sell" community where businesses and individuals can post local listings.  

If you want to sell on a channel that isn’t included here, let us know! We’d love to make a custom channel for you. 

New feed templates

1. We’ve added a new feed template for Amazon Marketplace UK: Shoes and Bags. You can start using it right away to get your products listed. 

2. Bol has changed their content feed requirements, so we updated ours as well. We developed an API (Application Programming Interface) connection so you can upload your products without disruption. 

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Find exactly what you're looking for with new search abilities

Find what you’re looking for with our added search capabilities. You’ll be able to use them in a few new places. Let’s find out what you can search for and where:

Copy from other shop 

While you’re in the Internal Fields section of the app, you can click on ‘Copy from other shop’. A drop down menu and search bar will appear where you can search for one of your shops by name or ID number. 

This will just make it all that more easy to find the exact shop you’re looking for. 

Copy from other channel 

You’ll also be able to search for your other channels while in the ‘Map fields’ section of the app. They can be found either by name or ID number.

Time zones 

Now when you’re setting the update schedule for your shop, you can easily find the time zone you’re looking for. Just type in the time zone name or capital city of that area and it will appear in the dropdown menu.



Looking for products based on how they were sourced? Now you can find them in seconds. Head over to the ‘Channel products’ or ‘Shop products’ section of the app and choose the source you’d like to locate, like this:


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Have an idea? Submit a feature request!

Have an idea for a feature you’d like to see? We’d love to hear it! That’s why we created a special place just for you to do this. Head on over to the feature request site and give us your ideas.


Use this form to create a post that other DataFeedWatch clients can see as well. 

But that’s not all you can do here! It works kind of like a forum. Click on the down arrow to see the features and integration requests other people have submitted. That way you can vote for the ideas you like to give us an idea of what’s the most popular. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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That’s all the updates we have for today. But, don’t forget you can always check the release notes page if you’re curious what we’re up to behind the scenes. We’re also looking forward to hearing your ideas, so keep them coming. Until next time!

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