Increase Your Facebook Product Ads ROI [eBook]

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When first starting out on Facebook it’s important to lay out what your goals are and how to achieve them. This is true when choosing which Facebook strategy, you should be using for your brand.

Some key questions to start asking are:

  • What is the goal of the Facebook Ads Campaign?
  • Will my budget be enough to accomplish the goal?
  • What is the strategy - customer acquisition, lead nurturing, brand loyalty or a combination of the three?

There are many different combinations of strategies you can use on Facebook, but for this eBook we will focus on a few strategies that will produce the best ROI.

We will walk you through the most important elements of Facebook Advertising for Retailers with our step-by-step guide.

Let's see how to optimize your Facebook Ads for best results and how to target relevant customers.

1. Build a winning strategy on Facebook 

  • How to select the bidding strategy based on what you are trying to accomplish;
  • How to raise brand awareness and get in front of your customers;
  • How to engage your customers and start producing sales.

2. How to target the best audiences for your Campaigns

  • What can you do to reach those potential customers that haven’t connected with your brand yet;
  • How to create lookalike audiences in Facebook; 
  • How to use ‘’Dark posts’’ on Facebook for split testing ads.

3. Create ad campaigns using the Facebook lead ads

  • How lead ads will help you increase the mobile conversions
  • How are lead ads different from normal ads;
  • How lead ads simplify the mobile signup process, motivating people to sign up for newsletters, offers, an event, or information about a product.

4. Get your Facebook data feed in shape

If you want to promote your product catalog on Facebook you need to make sure you are building on a strong foundation. Think of your product feed as the foundation for your Dynamic Product Ads.

5. Optimize your displayed advertisements

The design of your ads is one of the most crucial parts of optimizing your Facebook ads.

  • How to make your ads be successful triggering the user to take a specific action;
  • What are the recommendation for the images used in your Facebook Ads; 
  • What call to actions and lead magnets should you use in your ads.

6. Let Facebook optimize your campaigns with their data

  • Why is this a great option if you are trying to figure out what the bids should be;
  • What do you need for the optimized CPM to be effective.

7. Get the Facebook Pixel Installation right

You want to make sure your Facebook Pixel is set up correctly because complications can arise and you want to make sure that is properly in place.

  • What are the types of actions you want to track with the Facebook Pixel;
  • Everything you need to know about the new Facebook Pixel;
  • What are the areas you need to check to make sure it’s been setup correctly.

8. Build a system to measure the most important metrics

Understanding the conversion funnel and the steps customers take to purchase your products is crucial in running a successful company.

  • How to build metrics around the conversion funnel and how to optimize them for success;
  • See how your current ads go along with your overall marketing strategy.

9. Optimize the Facebook Bidding

  • Why you need to start with optimized bidding, whether it’s oCPC or oCPM;
  • How can optimized bidding enhance your campaign performance.

There you have it: 9 tips to optimize your campaigns faster and spend less. All these tips combined will be sure to give you a lift in ROI.

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