Last-Minute Holiday Sprint for Online Retailers

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It's countdown time.

Black Friday has made history as the first day to ever generate over a billion dollars in online sales from mobile devices according to Adobe Digital Insights. After seeing record sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this December is expected to set up some new records.

It's not too late to improve your advertising campaigns and the stakes are too high not to give it a last shot.

During these past months, we have published several blog posts and provided valuable insights for merchants of all sizes on how to get started reaching out to new clients on more channels and how to improve their current shopping campaigns.

Below we give you a roundup of the most valuable and most read posts on DataFeedWatch's Blog.

Bing Shopping Campaigns

Bing Ads has never been considered a serious competitor to Google Ads, but things are changing slowly and steadily.

As a matter of fact its popularity is on the rise and in the US its market share is more than 30%, while in the UK is more than 20% and the growing trend stays positive in most of the European countries: Germany 10.2%, France 12.4%, Norway 12.8%, Netherlands 9.0% and so on. For more details on the Bing's Network audience size, market share and monthly searches visit their Insights page.

Bing Ads Network in Europe

In the past months Bing has been implementing some exciting new features to their Shopping Campaigns and if you are not using Bing yet, it's best you keep on eye on it.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook is on a roll to make more revenue and the results retailers have gotten are a proof that the ball is going to keep rolling at high speed for them.

Even if you are reaching new audiences or just want to retarget shoppers that have just visited your website, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can be the solution to increase your conversions and revenue.

Facebook Product Ads for Online Retailers

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is a powerful driver of eCommerce with a base of more than 300 million active customer accounts and more than 170 million monthly unique visitors to the website resulting in over $100 billion in revenue.

Amazon Buy Box Online Retailers

Google Shopping Campaigns

According to Kantar Media product listing ads on Google Shopping for the period that goes from Black Friday to Cyber Monday increased from $2.9 million in 2015 to $9.6 million in 2016.

Best TV Google Shopping Channel

Considering that the peak of the winter shopping season is just before Christmas, it's worth rolling up the sleeves and work on improving the shopping campaigns.

No matter what your goal is: to expand your presence on multiple channels or to refine and improve your current campaigns there's no better moment to get started than today.

If you have questions or stories to share write us in the comments section down below.

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