[Neocom Case Study] Easy handling, optimizing, and maintaining hundreds of data feeds on one platform

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Neocom.ai makes product discovery effortless. The company offers an AI-based guided selling solution, which can be implemented on websites. This way customers find the perfect product with almost no effort in any online shop. Based on existing product data, the user experiences an easy conversation, just like with a real-life sales assistant. 

The Neocom advisors show useful information that helps the user choose the right product without being an expert in the field. Neocom’s customer portfolio ranges from big online retailers and manufacturers to small individual shops.

The problem

Data format

Oftentimes different shops have different product data formats. In order for the Neocom algorithm to work best, all data should be put in the same format to feed the machine.

Quality of data

Not all shops have the possibility to create and maintain consistent and bug-free product data, which is why in many cases Neocom needs to tweak the data to make the most out of it.

Irrelevant products

To guarantee a certain quality of product recommendation within the Neocom advisors, it makes sense to focus on one product category for each advisor, especially for clients with a large product portfolio. DataFeedWatch helps in excluding and cleansing product data feeds and lets Neocom focus on relevant products only.

Shop system compatibilities

Neocom works with clients from all over the world, which brings the challenge of managing different shop systems, languages of advisors and all kinds of data feeds.

Combining two feeds

Sometimes, clients deliver several different data feeds with different product attributes that need to be combined.

The solution

Optimizing data feeds

In order to speed up and simplify the setup, DataFeedWatch created a custom channel for Neocom with the standard data requirements.

Neocom data feed

Neocom data feed 2

After the determination of the standard attributes, Neocom needs to define, optimize and create all relevant attributes for the specific product advisor. The numerous possibilities available on DataFeedWatch enable Neocom to modify any data feed. Simple operations such as:

  • defining a static value based on if-cases, 
  • combining attributes,
  • or extracting data from text fields with the help of regular expressions 

are easily set up within the platform.

Keywords in data feedDefining a static value based on a keyword

Combining attributes in data feed

Combining attributes

Data Feed Regex

Extract a specific part of a value with regex

After any modification, you can easily check the outcome values via the preview mode.

DataFeedWatch preview

On top of that, the Include/ Exclude function allows for defining and keeping relevant product groups only. This lets Neocom save a great amount of time by only dealing with relevant products that are needed for a specific advisor.

Neocom product feed

Only products that are relevant for Neocom will be included

Dealing with different requirements

With DataFeedWatch Neocom is able to process all types of data feeds customers share. This is a huge help and lets Neocom be extremely versatile in offering the Neocom advisors to customers.

Data feed

Merging different data feeds is another feature with which DataFeedWatch helps to make Neocom’s and its customers' lives easier. The only requirement to merge two feeds is that they both have one attribute in common.

Merging feeds

Merging two feeds based on the id for including more attributes

The results

DataFeedWatch enables Neocom to work with the most diverse product feeds out there and still manage to meet all of Neocom’s customer expectations and requirements.

In addition to that, DataFeedWatch helps Neocom save a large amount of time by letting them react to each customer requirement without the need of setting up multiple meetings and many feedback loops. This lets them be more efficient, deliver faster and even offer additional services to our clients. 

One very important part of the great relationship between Neocom and DataFeedWatch is the excellent customer support. There was not a single issue the support team was not able to solve and the quick and friendly help of our Account Manager makes working with DataFeedWatch a very fun experience.

All in all, DataFeedWatch helps Neocom to have clean feeds, many happy customers, and great cooperation.

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