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Custom Channels - How to Create Fully Customized Feeds

Custom Channels enable you to create a product data feed tailored to your own specifications, for any advertising channel of your choice.


Custom Channels

You get to name the feed and its fields. Merchants use Custom channels for several reasons, like:

  • Creating a feed for a shopping channel that is not supported by DataFeedWatch
  • Sending a product feed to a partner site / distributor
  • Uploading products to your own store: You can to optimize the (e.g.) CSV-file first or make sure it meets the field requirements of your shopping cart

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Where are Custom Channels?


In your DateFeedWatch Account click ‘Add channel’ icon. Choose a country and from a dropdown menu select ‘Custom channel’.




Then name your custom channel (anything you want) and select the file type for the output feed (csv, xml, txt).


How to create a Custom Channel


Click the blue ‘ Add Custom Field’ button in the lower left corner. First, you enter a name for this custom field: pick any name you want. Then you can map it (rename, add static value, combine) like in any other channel:






Repeat these steps, to add as many fields as you want.


Obviously, you can exclude products as well, in the In/Exclude tab.


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Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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