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All About Keywords - the Core of Search Advertising

In the world of PPC advertising nothing could be more important than keywords. This is where everything starts. Bids are set at the keyword level, as well as the Quality Score. Your ad rank is also determined at the keyword level. You pay per clicks than happen on ads triggered by your keywords.
Magdalena Kiczek
Google Ads

Google Ads Conversion Tracking with Cart Data

There are new types of data relating to users’ shopping carts in Google Ads. They can be used to glean insights into your exact profit, products, and users.
Joshua Uebergang
Google Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Google Text Ads

Everything you need to know to improve your google text ads. A bunch of actionable insights and comprehensive knowledge for every digital marketer.
Monica Axinte
Google Ads

Grasp the Nettle in 2020 and Benefit from the Most Important Google Ads Announcements

The only constant at Google is that it’s evolving, adding to and upgrading its products. Take a look at the most significant 2019 Google Ads Announcements!
Aleksandra Tadrzak
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