Custom Channels

    Custom Channels

    Custom Channels enable you to create a data feed with your own specifications. You get to name the channel and the fields. Merchants use Custom channels for several reasons, like:

    • Create a feed for a channel that is not supported by DFW
    • Send a feed to a partner site
    • Upload products to your own store: You can to optimize the (e.g.) CSV-file first or make sure it meets the field requirements of your shopping cart

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    Where are Custom Channels?

    In your DateFeedWatch Account click ‘Add channel’ icon. Choose a country and from a dropdown menu select ‘Custom channel’.Custom Channel SelectorThen name your custom channel (anything you want) and select the file type for the output feed (csv, xml, txt)

    How to create a Custom Channel

    Click the blue ‘+Custom field’ button in the lower left corner. First, you enter a name for this custom field: pick any name you want. Then you can map it (rename, add static value, combine) like in any other channel:

    Create Custom Channel Field

    Repeat these steps, to add as many fields as you want.

    Obviously, you can exclude products as well, in the In/Exclude tab.