Google Shopping Data Feed for Magento shops – Part 1: Required Fields

    Google Shopping Data Feed for Magento Shops

    DataFeedWatch enables you to modify anything in your product data feed. Customers continuously ask us how to improve their data feed to increase their ROI. Today’s user case: Google Shopping for Magento.

    We have many customers on Magento, They have all the data that they need to export an excellent feed to Google Shopping. But most of that is not in the format that Google requires.

    Let’s create an overview of the data feed optimization that is required for Magento merchants that want to export their products to the Google Merchant Center.

    The following fields can be sent to Google without any modifications:

    - Price

    Rename fields

    The following Magento-fields only need to be renamed in order to meet Google’s requirements:

    • SKU field => rename to ID
    • Name field => rename to Title
    • Short_description field => rename to Description
    • Product_url field => rename to Link
    • Image_url => rename to Image_link

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    Custom fields

    For the following required Google fields, Magento merchants must create a custom field

    - MPN

    - GTIN

    - Brand => Rename from the predefined custom field ‘Manufacturer’

    - Condition

    Many Magento merchants do not have the Condition field. They must create this field and enter ‘new’ or ‘refurbished’ or ‘used’ for each or all products.

    Add Static Value Condition for Magento in DataFeedWatch

    Re-map fields

    Google also requires a few fields that need a more extensive form of ‘remapping’: - Availability Magento has this information in a field called ‘is_in_stock’.

    There is a 1 or a 0 in this field. Google requires that you rename the field to ‘Availability’ and that the values are ‘in stock’ or out of stock’

    Rewrite Stock Availability in DataFeedWatch

    - Google Category

    You have to list at least 1 google category for all your products, but it is better to assign individual product(type)s to specific sub-sub-categories. You need a Magento extension or a service like DataFeedWatch to set this up.

    Tour Magento Shops Categories in DataFeedWatch

    Magento Merchants can use DataFeedWatch to optimize data feeds for:

    1. Google
    2. Amazon Product Ads
    4. Bing
    5. Nextag
    6. Pricegrabber
    7. Pronto
    9. Shopzilla
    10. TheFind