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San Saru is a company full of growth and development. We have a strong community in Spain, and a few years ago we decided to go further and expand throughout Europe. Because of this goal, we started to generate international campaigns on various channels, but we came across some limitations.

The problem was that we were not able to show our feed automatically in the right language in each country. This limited our strategy and impeded us from being able to use all channels 100%.

Our challenge

In the beginning, we were mostly using DataFeedWatch for Google Shopping as we needed to create feeds in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and German. We tried different feed management solutions but they did not meet our expectations as many of them had just been limited.

Eventually, we started using DataFeedWatch, not only for generating all the feeds we needed for Google Ads, but also for other channels, such as Facebook. This decision helped us promote the products of our clients easily and on a larger scale.

How DataFeedWatch helped us

With the help of the DataFeedWatch team, we created optimized supplemental feeds for each country where we wanted to expand our business. In this way, we could adjust every title, description, and currency to the right language.

Currently, we create campaigns in five different languages. In every language, we create two feeds- one for each channel, because each channel requires different attributes for the feeds. 

With the feed management solution DataFeedWatch, the process of mapping, and implementing the feeds was very easy. We received all the help needed from DataFeedWatch’s Account Manager, who guided us through the processes of creating feeds, and gave us important suggestions any time we had problems with data feed management. 

The Results

In the past, we were only using Google Search Ads, but after setting up feeds for different channels, we were able to create Google Shopping Campaigns in every shape across Europe. It helped us expand to various countries, and exceed our ROAS from 1,58 to 2,45 in less than one month. 

At this moment we’re reaching 3,42% of ROAS, and Google Shopping has become our main channel in Google. 

First-month results:

Increase in clicks: 239%.

Decrease in average CPC: 26%.

Increase in conversions: 151%. 


As can be seen, the conversions increased by 115% which means that they were double higher than before.


The metric where we noticed the biggest change was ROAS. As can be seen in the graph, ROAS has been growing significantly since DataFeedWatch was implemented. It’s doubled since we got started working with this solution.



As you can see in the graph below, we were able to get over 4,000 clicks in the beginning. However it was when we were running only Search Ads Campaigns, and these weren’t optimized. Once we started to optimize them, the number of clicks dropped, although the traffic generated from those campaigns was much more precise.

Creating and optimizing other Shopping Campaigns, helped us back on track, and the number of clicks reached almost 5,000.  

In total, we observed a 239% increase in clicks.


DataFeedWatch has also helped us improve and create data feeds on other channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, and video-based TikTok

In some of them, the data feeds have become a must-have element of campaigns, showing users our products with the proper description, name, and currency of their country.

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About San Saru

It has been six years since Carolina Álvarez and Borja Pundik created San Saru. Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India... These are only a few of the destinations where they discovered inspiration and passion for the world of jewelry.

They decided to create their own brand and focus on handcrafted pieces, made of sterling silver. Their strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, perseverance, and dedication did the rest. And today, San Saru is a leader in the online jewelry sector on a national level and offers pieces in both 925 Sterling Silver and 22k gold plated.

They have more than 461k followers on Facebook and 662k on Instagram and have a young and multidisciplinary team of more than 50 people. Customer service is one of its main pillars and user experience is one of its strong points. 

Their jewelry travels mainly to Spain, but they also have a strong presence in the international market.


Read also our other success story about managing large multichannel feeds.

About DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch by Cart.com is the top-rated global product feed management platform that enables eCommerce brands, retailers, and digital agencies to drive multichannel growth. Merchants on both custom solutions and popular shopping carts, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento (among others), can choose from 2000+ integrated shopping channels, affiliate networks, and marketplaces in 60 countries (such as Google, Facebook, Criteo, Amazon, and more). Major global brands like adidas, Decathlon, and KENZO have used DataFeedWatch to improve product performance across channels and expand to new markets. Sign up for a free trial today and receive guided onboarding to get started.

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