[Webinar] Growing Your Shopify Store Results with Performance Max

Performance Max is a new campaign type for Google Ads, and it seems to be the future of Google advertising. This automated and goal-based campaign uses machine learning to improve ad performance across the entire Google network: YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps.


With Performance Max you can take advantage of a plethora of new features to drive great results for your advertising campaigns. However, first, you need to provide Google with optimized product data.


In our webinar, we’re saying goodbye to Smart Shopping and embracing Performance Max as a new way of driving conversions for your Shopify store. Get an expert take on optimizing PMax for better results from:


Martin Ender

Director Of Affiliate Relations & Country Manager DACH at DataFeedWatch. He has many years of experience in product feed creation and optimization. Martin helps global retailers and agencies find the right solution and partner to increase their eCommerce performance on 2000 + shopping channels.


John Moran 

Co-founder and Chief Strategist at Google Ads Agency - Solutions 8. John manages more than $4.7 million in ad spend each month and monitors campaigns for more than 160+ clients across a variety of industries. He shares his huge Google Ads knowledge on the Solutions 8 YouTube channel and The Google Ads Podcast, and as a paid traffic instructor at DigitalMarketer.com.


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Tune in to learn how to optimize your Performance Max campaigns to achieve the best possible results on the example of Shopify stores. We explain the role of product feed in PMax campaigns, and share our knowledge and experience on how to manipulate product data to enhance your Google ads. John Moran gives live examples from Google Ads.


Optimize your product feed for Performance Max


Learn about:


  • Key feed attribute optimization areas: title, product type and more!
  • Various optimization tactics: recommended title structures, extracting data from other fields, A/B testing etc.
  • Resolving Google Merchant Center errors.
  • Further data manipulations: product exclusions strategy, creation of profit-based custom labels etc.


With this knowledge, you can better control your product catalog and realize the full potential of your Performance Max campaign. You'll increase ROI and conversion rates. By implementing feed tactics such as leveraging custom labels, you will be able to manage your ad budget much better. These tips from Martin are particularly useful for advertisers who choose to run a feed-only PMax strategy


Optimize Performance Max for optimal performance


Performance Max uses its own target and its own AI driven machine learning tool. At first, it can be difficult for most advertisers to understand how the whole system works.  


In fact, many of PMax operations are based on the data you have provided in your data feed. This is the area you have control over and it is the way you can best optimize your campaign. If you have not set up your feed correctly, most of the Google Network channels will be interrupted.


In the second part of our webinar, John Moran form Solutions 8 is explaining:



John shows live examples of how you can optimize your Performance Max campaign in Google Ads for optimal performance. You don’t wanna miss out on that.


Tune in and enjoy!


Read also how to handle negative keywords in Performance Max and what to do with branded terms.

Written by Jagoda Adamik-Borowska

Jagoda is a content writer and an SEO specialist at DataFeedWatch. She regularly follows and analyzes eCommerce trends and has years of experience writing about feed marketing, Google Ads campaigns and online advertising tactics. In her free time, she loves to travel and read non-fiction books.


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