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A new Google Marketing strategy called Performance Max Campaigns has emerged to capture potential customers of eCommerce stores, which make use of Google Shopping or other online tools.

This should not come as a surprise to all the people who live in this technological world, which every day brings new updates aimed at improving the user experience and maximizing the performance of digital companies.

And even more so when artificial intelligence gradually continues to gain ground in various spaces, maximizing the scope of objectives in a more efficient way than the human being can achieve alone.

Surely you are wondering what these types of campaigns consist of? What is the goal you want to reach? What benefits does it bring to people who use them? We will answer these and other questions in this blog article.

What are Performance Max Campaigns and what are they for?

Performance Max Campaigns are a type of strategy based on Machine Learning that looks at advertising and digital marketing promotions in a more automated way.

As artificial intelligence understands the algorithms more and knows the tastes of users, it feeds on them to create advertising campaigns focused on attracting new customers and achieving the highest number of conversions.

This automation increases the opportunities for online business owners to attract the ideal audience that they need to increase sales, generate more leads, or obtain relevant information from their target audience.

Performance Max helps all advertisers and other users achieve the following primary objectives:

  • Increase conversions: One of the most important tasks is to maximize the conversion options, taking into consideration the possibilities that the user has, making real-time adjustments to their possibilities. The conversion rate can be increased by, for example, adding negative keywords to the PMax campaign.
  • Obtain relevant information: Identify the most opportune moments and the most important scenarios to obtain the most information related to the target audience, locate and approach them.
  • Attract potential customers: Knowing how the user behaves, the intentions they have, their behavior on the web and the context in which they operate allows Performance Max to create campaigns tailored to each of them.
  • Improve results through automation: Thanks to Machine Learning and all the models around Artificial Intelligence, optimizing performance through Performance Max is just the result of implementing these digital marketing campaigns.

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Business objectives that the Performance Max Campaigns seek to satisfy

Higher profitability, better return rate, better conversion. These are some of the general objectives that these campaigns seek to satisfy for all users who use Google Ads, in order to reach their customers in a more effective and efficient way.

However, there are some lines of action that are directly attacked through Performance Max Campaigns, and these are mainly three, which are visits to the store, leads and sales.

Two strategies are used to achieve these business objectives, which can be defined as sales volume and return on investment.

Sales Volume

It is one of the main goals of this digital marketing strategy, which seeks to exponentially increase conversions, having the alternative of being associated with a cost per action (CPA).

That is to say, if at the end of the day the sale is achieved through the advertisement, the company will have to pay for the materialization of such transaction.

Return on investment

Another of the main objectives of these campaigns is to maximize the conversion value, having the opportunity to associate a ROAS (Return on Advertising Investment).

This is a very important metric to consider, since with it we will know quite accurately what is the percentage of revenue achieved according to the initial investment made.

In any of the two previously mentioned cases, Google will look for the best alternatives and options that adapt to these scenarios, and will direct its efforts to invest the budgeted resources for the most suitable space.

Where are the Performance Max Campaigns held?

The good thing about using this Digital Marketing strategy is that, as long as you add all relevant assets, it can cover many spaces that are regularly being visited by a large number of users daily, which facilitates and increases the chances and probabilities of conversion.

These spaces where companies can buy and place their ads are Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail, Display, Discover, Search, that is, the entire inventory of Google Shopping Services.

If you also have an eCommerce business, it will be essential to use Google Merchant Center to upload all the necessary details about your products in order to show them in Google search results.


The truth of the matter is that everything indicates that automation will continue to expand in many other scenarios, thanks to the promotion of the search engine par excellence, Google.

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Can I stop using other strategies if I use Performance Max?

While it is true that Machine Learning will continue to gain ground, and the automation of online marketing processes will continue to be enhanced by artificial intelligence learning, other Digital Marketing strategies should continue to be pursued.

Moreover, other core strategies could be complemented by Performance Max Campaigns, such as keyword-based search intent research.

This will surely improve the expected results in terms of ROI rates, increased sales volumes, store visit generation, conversions and many more benefits.

Advantages of using Performance Max Campaigns 

We are in the process of developing and consolidating strategies based on Smart Bidding oriented to optimize bids to find the target audience and reach the highest number of conversions or achieve a high value per conversion. 

The implementation of these campaigns is a breakthrough, which come in addition to other digital marketing strategies, aimed at locating and selecting the most important audiences and offering them the ideal advertising content for them.

Accordingly, we can say that campaigns based on Performance Max can provide the following competitive advantages:

  1. Collect all relevant information about the target audience. This way, it will be known at what time, context, location and language the advertising messages should be sent and to whom in order to encourage action.
  2. Certain restrictions or filters can be manually configured to allow customized searches, according to criteria related to language, geographic and demographic location, and others of a temporary nature.
  3. Have the possibility of being active in different spaces simultaneously, across the entire Google ecosystem, covering a variety of websites, such as Youtube, Maps, Discover, Gmail, Display and Search.

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Suggestions to get the most out of Performance Max Campaigns 

To get the most out of Performance Max campaigns, it is suggested to carry out a series of actions that we mention below:

  • Establish and set the target CPA or ROAS, using the average that the referential historical metrics reflect for the account. As the campaign progresses and the campaign obtains data of interest, the figure can be updated to the required one.
  • The "Final URL Expansion" option must be active in the configuration. This function makes it possible to discover new keywords with convertibility options that have not yet been covered by the strategies carried out in the Search campaigns. In addition, it allows you to dynamically customize the landing pages and titles of each of the advertisements, in order to produce the most relevant results according to the search intent of each user.
  • Add audience indicators, mainly at the moment when users have already considered all available purchase alternatives and still maintain interest in acquiring the product or service, in order to provide tools to detect new audiences more easily.
  • Incorporate ad extensions, in order to reach more leads, store visits or best of all, sales. 
  • Add a variety of creative elements, taking into consideration images of different sizes, logos, calls to action, videos, titles etc..

Final Thoughts about Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns are a great novelty that Google Ads has brought with it to help companies to become more profitable by placing ads for the ideal target audience.

The current trend is to continue creating, developing and consolidating strategies based on artificial intelligence, under Machine Learning techniques, aimed at finding the ideal target and satisfying their search intentions.

We will continue to see campaigns and strategies of this type that are able to self-identify the best market alternatives thanks to all the information that can be collected on the website, on the different sites that users visit each time they use the Internet.


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