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Google Shopping available in Argentina

As of November 2016, Argentina is one of the Google Shopping beta target countries. What does this mean for retailers and how can they prepare?

Google Shopping is Available in Argentina

An Overview of the Current eCommerce Market in Argentina

In 2017, revenue generated by eRetail in Argentina amounts to almost $6 billion. The number is expected to grow significantly, by 13.4% year-to-year, up to $9.8 billion in 2021.


Currently, Argentina ranks third when it comes to online sales in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico. However, the Argentinian eCommerce industry is the most dynamic and fastest growing of the three. Argentina’s market share in the region is expected to increase up to 14.6% by 2019.

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Latin America eCommerce Sales

More than 32 million Argentinians use the Internet, which puts user penetration at around 51% in 2017.


The rise of the eCommerce market in Argentina is also facilitated by “Argentina Conectada”. This is a fiber network project initiated by the country’s government which has brought connectivity to 1400 cities and localities.


What do Argentinians buy the Most Online?


Fashion products lead the way, with a market volume of almost $2 billion in 2017. The second and third most sought item categories are Toys, Hobby & DIY and Electronics and Media.


Argentinians are taking an increased interest in online shopping because it’s easy to compare prices and products, while the offer is more diverse.


An impressive 97% of respondents who took part in surveys carried out by the Argentina Chamber of Electronic Commerce said they were satisfied with their online shopping experiences.


Get Started with Google Shopping in Argentina


Required steps to get started with Google Shopping:


  1. Create a Google Merchant Account in case you don't already have one. 
  2. Create a feed in line with Google's Shopping Feed Specifications. 
  3. Upload that feed to Google Merchant Center and fix the errors and Google Merchant Center disapprovals you might get. 
  4. Update your data feed frequently so that price and stock changes are sent out to Google immediately.

Recommended steps for Google Shopping


Optimizing a product feed has many benefits. Some of the data feed elements we recommend focusing on are:

  1. Product Title for Google Shopping - is one of the elements Google relies on when matching a search query to a listing ad. 
  2. Google Product Category  has a direct impact on the performance of the PLA. 
  3. The Image of a product listing ad 
  4. Product Type is not a required field, but you can use it in the bidding strategies.

eCommerce has made remarkable progress during the last years in Argentina, and will continue to do so. The country is an excellent market for eRetailers, who should take advantage of Google Shopping’s expansion in the region.


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