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Google Shopping Available in Hong Kong

2017 is a big year for online retailers with Google Shopping expanding to 14 additional countries. While Google Shopping has already been rolled out in several countries, some are still in beta and Hong Kong is one of them.


 Hong Kong is one of the world’s most important economic and financial centers and, to confirm it, revenue from eCommerce activities in Hong Kong is in excess of $3.7 billion in 2017. On top of that, forecasts show that it will grow by 10% each year, reaching almost $5.5 billion by 2021.


Google Shopping is Available in Hong Kong


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The Current eRetail Market in Hong Kong


The most popular categories with Hong Kong shoppers are electronics and media - over $1 billion, followed closely by products from the fashion and hobbies & DIY segments.




Hong Kong's online shopping penetration rate is among the highest in the world. Almost 88% of Hong Kong consumers have bought items online in the last year, with 85% of the orders being placed from desktops and laptops.



Google Shopping Hong Kong


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How to get started with Google Shopping in Hong Kong?


1. Request your Google Merchant Account.


2. Create your feed according to Google's Feed Specifications. 


3. Upload the feed to your Google Merchant Center and start fixing the errors in the feed that you are likely to come across: Google Merchant Center disapprovals.


4. Once your feed is approved start working on the optimization. When it comes to optimizing the feed we recommend you start with these resources:


5. Some of the most important elements of the feed, that are worth focusing on, are:


  • Product Title for Google Shopping - is important for the search algorithm in order to match the product listing ad to the queries 
  • Google Product Category will tell Google Shopping that your product is the most appropriate one for a given search
  • The Image of a product listing ad is the most important element of the listing ad 
  • Product Type is an optional field in the feed and is best used for the bidding strategies


6. Get your Analytics & Reporting in Google Shopping right and advertise for the products that are profitable and won't waste your advertising budget. 

With Google Shopping rolling out in Hong Kong, things will most likely improve in the next years. Not only will eCommerce continue to grow in importance, but more and more consumers will shop online and rely on the Internet for product research.


If you have questions regarding Google Shopping get in touch with us for a feed management consultation. We can help you get your feed ready and optimized in no time for Google Shopping in Hong Kong.


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