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Google Shopping Available in Ireland

Retailers from Ireland have reasons to be enthusiastic: Google Shopping is now available in Ireland, as of February 2017. This will open new opportunities for both merchants and shoppers.


Google Shopping is Available in Ireland


The current eCommerce Landscape in Ireland


Ireland is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world. From a total population of 4.6 million, 3.6 million are at least 15 years old. Out of these 3.6 million people living in Ireland, 82% are Internet users, while 52% (1.9 million) are online shoppers.


Still, Ireland is a relatively small eCommerce player: revenue generated from online shopping amounts to $3.5 billion in 2017.


However, the revenue is expected to increase by more than 10% each year, up to $5.3 billion in 2021. Furthermore, Ireland has one of the highest online shopping user penetration rates – 75.5% in 2017, which is expected to reach a staggering 85% in 2021. 



Ireland eCommerce Landscape for Google Shopping


The highest earning market segment in 2017 is represented by “Fashion” ($931 million), followed by “Electronics & media” ($805 million). The rest of the top verticals are represented by “Food & personal care”, “Furniture and appliances” and “Toys, hobby & DIY”.


Although you can’t compare it to eCommerce mammoths like the US, Germany or France, the Irish online retail market is extremely active and dynamic. We must not forget that eCommerce, although a booming industry, is still in its infancy, and continues to develop and grow worldwide.


The Irish are becoming more and more active and willing to shop online, which provides ample opportunities to merchants, especially if we take into consideration the fact that a quarter of the Irish consumers buy online at least weekly.


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How to get started with Google Shopping in Ireland?

  1. Create a Google Merchant Account.

  2. See what Google's Shopping Feed Specifications are and create your feed starting from there. Don't stress on optimization yet. The purpose is to get your feed in a good enough shape to be approved in the Merchant Center. 
  3. Check the list of common Google Merchant Center disapprovals and make sure you avoid them. In case your feed is disapproved refer to this list and make sure you're following all recommendations.
  4. After your feed is approved start optimizing it:
    - If you a beginner this will help you get started Beginner feed optimizations for Google Shopping.
    - If you already know a thing or two on feed optimization then you should head to our expert feed optimization tips
  5. Some of the elements we advise you spend time on tweaking are:
    -  Product Title for Google Shopping is what Google uses to match a shopper query to you listing ad 
    -  Google Product Category is essential for and you should focus on getting it right
    -  The Image of a product listing ad is what shopper sees for the first time. Having the best images show up in the listing ad is therefore important.
  6. Next step is going to be creating the bidding strategies for Google Shopping campaigns.
  7. And last but definitely not least: Analytics & Reporting.

You'll need to understand which products are being profitable and which ones are wasting the advertising budget. To achieve that you need to review the performance of every single product in Google Shopping and create filters and customize your view.


We know it's a long list of resources, but there's not much you can skip if you want to be successful on Google Shopping.


We can help you get your feed ready and optimized in no time for Google Shopping in Ireland. Get in touch with us for a demo or a feed consultation.

We will have a look at your feed and let you know how to optimize it in order to achieve your sales goals.





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