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Google Shopping Available in Taiwan

Google Shopping's massive expansion in 2017 to 14 new countries will include Taiwan, where Google Shopping is currently available in beta. With the Taiwanese economy booming, Google Shopping’s expansion will further boost the local eCommerce market.


Google Shopping is Available in Taiwan

A Quick Overview of the eRetail market in Taiwan


Business-to-consumer online shopping is quickly expanding in Taiwan. The country has an excellent Internet infrastructure, with the penetration rate of 80% and is ranked 5th in Asia Pacific when it comes to average internet speed.


The Taiwanese have an inclination for online technology and are very fond of mobile tech. Obviously, this makes the country an excellent market for eCommerce growth.


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How much does Taiwan rely on mobile technology for online shopping? A great deal.


34% of Taiwanese smartphone owners use their devices during their purchase journey, outranking global eRetail powerhouses like China (33%), the U.S. (21%), the U.K. (17%) and Japan (15%).


Google Shopping in Taiwan eCommerce



Smartphone users amount to almost 50% of all eCommerce transactions in Taiwan, surpassing desktop (42.7%) and tablet shoppers (32.1%). 77% of Taiwanese online shoppers consider eRetail to be very convenient.


What items do Taiwanese prefer buying online: clothes, shoes, and accessories.



How to Get Started with Google Shopping in Taiwan?


Starting early, before your competitors will give you a competitive advantage. When it comes to Google Shopping there are a number of required steps, that will get your products listed in the SERP:


Once you've laid out the basis for advertising on Google Shopping, move to the next step and optimize your feed. There are plenty of optimization tips and tricks, but we suggest you start with these two resources, based on your current Google Shopping expertise level:


Taiwan is one of the most important eCommerce markets in the Asia Pacific region. Mobile technology is the key driver for the Taiwanese online retail market, as 90% of the Internet users in the country have smartphones. It’s expected that the Taiwanese eCommerce segment will continue to develop, as connectivity continues to reach new milestones in the country.


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