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Google Shopping Data Feed for 3dcart Stores – Part 1: Required Fields

Are you a 3dcart merchant and you want to sell more?


If you are just starting out with Google Shopping you are in the right place. This post will give you a run through the basics of building up your feed for Google Shopping.


We focus on the required fields by Google and how to use your 3dcart fields to create a perfect feed for Google.

Google Shopping Data Feed for 3dcart Stores - Required Fields

Getting Started with Google Shopping for 3dcart Shops


If you are new to Google Shopping there are a number of steps you need to follow trough to get started.


First, you need to install the feed management and optimization extension from your 3dcart Admin Panel.


Next, request your Google Merchant Center account and connect it to your feed management tool.


Google Shopping Fields for 3dcart Shops


The hurdle with shopping channels is that they want your product data to have a specific format and the fields to be named according to their specifications.


The good news is that with a feed tool, most of the work has been already done and all required fields have been preloaded.

Therefore, most fields required by Google Shopping can be simply renamed from your 3dcart attributes without any additional modifications.


  • id from variant_id
  • title from name
  • description from description
  • link from url
  • image_link from image_url
  • price from price
  • brand from u_brand
  • gtin from u_upc


The other fields, which might require some tweaks are: condition, availability, identifier_exists and google product category. Don’t worry we cover them in detail below.


3dcart Domain Claimed in Google Merchant Center 


The only field from the list of required fields that you should pay extra attention to is the link field. The reason is that Google will not accept any domain other than the one which is verified and claimed in your Google Merchant Center account.


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Let’s see how this works and how you can easily solve it. For example, if the domain verified and claimed in your Google Merchant Center account is bikeshop.com, but the domain that can be found in your product URLs is bikeshop.3dcartstores.com you have two options:

  1. Claim a new domain in Google Merchant Center: claim bikeshop.3dcartstores.com
  2. If you have already claimed bikeshop.com and you don’t want to reclaim a new domain, because it would put your account on hold for a few days you can replace the domain in your feed.
  3. Replace bikeshop.3dcartstores.com with bikeshop.com in your product URLs with an easy rule, like in the example below.

Domain Link in Google Merchant Center for 3dcart Stores


Availability Field for 3dcart Shops


This field indicates a stock status. Here is the list of valid values:


  • in stock,
  • out of stock,
  • available for order,
  • preorder.

The 3dcart quantity field seems to be the best candidate to make availability dependent on. If the quantity is greater than 0 the availability should be set to in stock and if the quantity is smaller or equal to 0, it should be set to out of stock.


Here you can find an example of mapping covering the conditions mentioned above:

Availability Field in Google Shopping for 3dcart Stores


Condition Attribute for Google Shopping


This attribute is used in order to indicate whether the product is new or used. Here is the list of acceptable values:


  • new
  • used
  • refurbished

Many 3dcart users do not have the condition field, because most of them sell only new products.


Hence, in order to create the condition field they should add a static value and set it to new for all products.


If you happen to sell used or refurbished products, you need to identify them first. Therefore, you should find any field that may contain information concerning the condition of each product.


Name and description seem to be the best candidates. If you can find there any phrase like: used, refurbished, renovated or like new, you should set the condition field to used or refurbished.


Here is how you could create a rule for determining the condition of the products:

Condition Field for 3dcart Stores

Identifier_exists field for 3dcart Shops


The ‘Identifier Exists’ field can be used to indicate that an identifier does not exist for certain products. The values accepted are True or False.

Is an attribute for 3dcart shops that offer custom goods without an identifier like GTIN or MPN: custom goods, furniture or vintage items.


Let’s see how to setup the identifier exists field depending on the type of products you have in the shop:


  • Normal products with an identifier – set the value to TRUE
  • Vintage or custom made products – set the value to FALSE
  • Both normal and custom made products – set up a rule like the one below.

Identifier Exists Field for Google ShoppingFor more in-depth details on this field we recommend you read this post: New in Your Google Shopping Data Feed: “Identifier Exists”.


Google Product Category


Google will not accept your feed without at least one default category for all products. However, the more specific sub-categories you add, the better.

In order to do this, you can use DataFeedWatch and the information that can be found in your 3dcart product type field.


For a detailed overview of the multiple ways in which you can add the Google Product Category to your 3dcart feed we suggest you read: Google Product Category: How to get it right without going crazy?

Google Product Category for 3dcart Stores


If you are a 3dcart merchant and you have found this, then you´ll probably find our Complete Guide to Data Feed Optimization useful. Download it and learn how to drastically improve the quality of your data feed.



Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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