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Everything You Need to Know About CSS and Google Shopping

What is the Google CSS program and how does it benefit me as a Merchant? How do I get started? You'll find the answers to all the burning Google CSS questions retailers have in this article...
Magdalena Kiczek
Google Shopping

Combine Shopping and Search Campaigns for Maximum Results

Setting up automated Search Ads may initially take up a lot of time and thought, but once everything is in place, this technique will likely save you lots of time and tedious work in the long run.
Bas Baudoin
Google Shopping

[Case Study] How to Leverage Feed Optimization for a Service-Platform

Over several years we have worked with Facebook campaigns, we found that there are 3 crucial factors to consider when building a successful campaign.
Jonas Rosbech
Google Shopping

[Case Study] Increase ROAS by 46% in 3 Months

Finding ways to increase revenue without increasing spend can be challenging. Identifying the most profitable products to advertise is crucial in this process...
Joel Florén
Google Shopping

[Case Study] 85% Increase in Revenue by Using Custom Labels to Prioritize High Margin Products

Finding the right segment and making sure you focus your advertising budget into the highest performers might be a time-consuming process, but it doesn't have to be...
Anela Dzapo
Google Shopping

[Case Study] How to Control and Maximize Google Shopping Profits for Both Brand Terms AND Non-Brand Terms

The challenge was how to best increase ad positions and traffic for the high ROI terms while still getting traffic from the higher volume, lower ROI terms but at a lower cost per click.
Kurt Prosser
Google Shopping

5 Keys to Auditing Your Google Ads Account

Missing growth opportunities happens all the time in Google Ads accounts, which is why it’s critical to regularly audit your account and catch those seemingly inescapable mistakes early. With that in mind, here are five of the top things to look for during any Google Ads audit.
John Horn
Google Shopping

The 10 Most Common Google Merchant Center Errors and How to Fix Them

From the experience of working with hundreds of customers, we compiled a list of the ten most common Google Merchant Center errors and how to fix them.
Magdalena Kiczek
Google Shopping

How to Advertise Promotions with Feed-Driven Text Ads

We share our thoughts on how feed-driven text ads can be an excellent fit for marketers who need to advertise a promotion. We also want to set a checklist you can follow every time you have a sale and want to get the most out of it.
Monica Axinte
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