[Case Study] Increase ROAS by 180% with Feed-Driven Text Ads

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With ads taking up more and more real estate on the SERP, it is of primary importance for advertisers to be present in both shopping and regular search results. This increases brand visibility and awareness, chances to get clicks, to generate traffic and ultimately sales.

The problem is that creating and updating text ad campaigns in Google is a lot of work.

But with DataFeedWatch Text Ads, you can automate the entire process. Feed-Driven Text Ads will not only save you a lot of tedious work, but it will also improve your campaign results. Feed-driven text ads and keywords are always up to date and are specific to every product.

Today we take a close look at the results of an online retailer of computer hardware, whose inventory changes all the time. The online retailer is based in Denmark, but within the last two years, they have expanded the marketing strategy and gone from 3 countries to 10.

#1 - ROAS on Search Campaigns increased with 181,24% after creating feed-based text ads campaigns

The problem:

Raising the ROAS and focus the budget on products in stock in a daily changing inventory.

The solution:

Using DataFeedWatch Text Ads with custom filters on availability to only enable products and advertise for products, that are actually in stock.

Quick example:

In the Tag Assignment and Filters we included the availability attribute from the product feed to tell us if the products are in stock, and then set the filter to only include products in stock.


The result:

We experienced an increase of the ROAS by 181,24% compared to the manually updated campaigns, and it had an effect on ROAS right away.


#2 - Conversion rate increased by 109,43% on search campaigns

The problem:

Increase the conversion rate for search campaigns.

The solution:

Besides the filtering option in part 1, we wanted to be better to match the expectations of the consumers searching for the products.

We did that by doing 3 things:

  1. Use the price in the headlines of the ad creatives. We wanted to create a Google Shopping experience in the text ads - just without images. The consumer will know the price of the product even before they click and enter the website.

  2. Tell the consumers that the products are in stock right now. Because we filter the campaigns to only in stock products, we can with confidence write in the ads, that the product is available right now.By doing this we can prevent giving consumers a bad experience by visiting the website looking for a product they can not buy there anyway.

  3. Creating unique ads for every single product by using the tags related to the specific product, which also relates to the keywords for the product. This helps us create a better match.

By using the tag for product price, we can dynamically insert the price of the product in the ads and with the message that the product is available for purchase.

Quick examples:


For the single product, we can dynamically insert the values from the feed.

In this example for the headlines, we dynamically insert the manufacturer(Brand), product name, and product price for the product.

Furthermore, we have added the text “In stock” as a message to the consumer.


In this case, due to manufacturer/brand trademark, we made alternative ads that ensured, that we would have ads that would not be disapproved due to trademark violation.



The keyword for this product is constructed by the manufacturer and product name/ID tag.

Here’s an example of the broad modified match version, that was created automatically.


The result:

After implementing these campaigns we saw a 109,43% increase in conversion rate from search campaigns compared to the former campaigns and ad creatives.

The conversion rate went like this for our search campaigns:


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#3 - Increased Quality Score by over 10%

By creating custom tailored creatives for each product and having keywords made from the manufacturer and product name as well, we began seeing a raise in the Quality Score on the keywords for the search campaigns.

The average Quality Score for the keywords was below 6.8, but now we’re closing in on an average of 7.4, and for an account with over 75.000 keywords, this is a remarkable increase.

#4 - Time saving setup and automated updates - A big win for both parts

Taking into account how many updates are now made automatically by the DFW Text Ads tool, this would take many hours and hours to go through manually and update the campaigns by availability and price changes, but this is not the only benefit.

The setup now automatically creates campaigns/ad groups for new products created by the client, so we do not need to be updated by the client or manually find new products in the product feed. Besides it automatically pauses products, that are removed from the clients product catalog, which prevents the consumers to be experiencing an unnecessary 404-error or redirect.

This is all now taken care of by this tool. So now the search campaigns are updated more frequently than before and we can spend more time focusing on other parts of the online strategy to create growth and strategies for our client.

River Online is an online marketing agency based in Denmark and Germany who is specialized in Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Ads.

They have a clear vision of creating innovative marketing solutions and developing systems in cooperation with technology providers.

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