Price Watch BETA is Live



    We are very excited to announce that Price Watch Beta is now live, and all our interested DatafeedWatch customers will have access very soon. We will be providing access in small batches. This is a precautionary measure to make sure we can resolve any issues that may arise, so not everybody has to deal with them.


    So far we have resolved a number of errors, and added new features to the beta version. This was with the goal of making it more accessible, whilst aiming to provide you with more information about your competitors with minimum effort. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Price Watch.


    Table of contents:

    GTIN Validation

    At A Glance

    More Regions

    Other Changes

    GTIN Validation


    This first new addition to Price Watch is a new feature called GTIN validation. This feature will allow you to check if you have the correct GTIN’s for the selected products. Price Watch uses GTIN’s to identify products on any given channel (such as Google Shopping) and matches them with your competitors. 

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    This update means that when you select products during the Price Watch installation, we will check every product and inform you of any issue with the GTIN.

    Price Watch also informs customers about products missing a GTIN. Missing or incorrect GTIN’s can be added directly in your feed. Using our quick filters, which are located in the status section, you can also check products with different GTIN’s. An example of this is the invalid GTIN filter, which will highlight all products with invalid GTIN’s.




    In the Alpha version of Price Watch, customers were seeing a lot of products with no data in the dashboard. This was down to products either having an incorrect GTIN or no GTIN. In the Beta version you can only select products with correct GTINs. We believe this feature will make it easy to understand and troubleshoot any issue our customers have with pricing data. 


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    At A Glance


    The goal of Price Watch is to provide you with as much relevant information about your competitors as possible. However, we know this amount of data can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we are always thinking of ways in which to present data in a more coherent manner.  


    In Price Watch Alpha, we provided a summary about specific competitors at a glance. This was available when you hovered over the Product Name category, like below:


    at a glance1


    In Price Watch Beta we decided to add another pop-up to give you more information at a glance. If you are familiar with Price Watch, you may know we have metrics like Cheapest, 2nd Cheapest, and Closest Cheapest Competitor, which give you perspective on your rivals. However, to see these metrics, you needed columns.


    With the latest update, you can view all these metrics at a glance. This is done by hovering over a metric, as seen below:


    At a glance2


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    More Regions


    Price Watch Alpha already enabled our users to monitor their competitors in the below regions:




    The Americas

    Brazil (br), Canada (ca), Mexico (mx), United States (us)


    India (in), Japan (jp), Korea (Republic of) (kr), Turkey (tr)


    Austria (at), Belgium (be), Czechia (cz), Denmark (dk), Finland (fi), France (fr), Germany (de), Ireland (ie), Italy (it), Netherlands (nl), Norway (no), Poland (pl), Portugal (pt), Russian Federation (ru), Spain (es), Sweden (se), Switzerland (ch), United Kingdom (gb)


    Australia (au)


    We are now happy to announce we have added Greece to the ever growing list of available regions. 

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    Other Changes


    Price Watch Beta comes with a lot of improvements, amendments and resolutions. We changed how information is displayed to make it easier to understand, whilst fixing bugs such as the same competitor being shown multiple times.


    If you are a beta user, we would love to know what you think about our latest version of Price Watch. As Price Watch is still in the beta stage, we are still expecting a few more bugs to present themselves. But with your help, we can make Price Watch the best competition monitoring tool available. That’s why we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. You can get in touch with me at


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