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Being in the place at the right time for your customers is key to an uplift in conversions. With 90% of consumers moving between screens throughout the day, it’s now more important than ever to reach people in the right places and retailers across the globe are turning to multichannel selling in a bid to reach both new and returning customers.




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Multichannel selling is also helping retailers who see the disadvantage of retailing on just one platform. For example, retailers using just Amazon to sell their products often lose a lot of income if their account hits approval issues or more recently.

Tesco Direct’s closure has been a headache for a number of retailers who now have to increase their efforts elsewhere to make up for the shortfall.


So, What Exactly is Idealo?


Tens of thousands of people visit Idealo a day and promoting your products on the price comparison site could be driving an average 42% more orders on your site.

Set up on Germany in 2000, Idealo is a price comparison site which allows its users to compare prices across a range of products from a variety of stores and then direct them to the relevant site and product page to purchase.


Show Me the Stats


Idealo boasts a large number of visitors on a daily basis but how many of these visitors go as far as making a purchase? Let’s break down the statistics…


4 million visitors a month


The large amount of site visitors is aided by the site’s marketing efforts including their paid ads, email, retargeting and SEO work.


7% of registered users who have added products to their basket purchase


Did we mention that only 3% of users actually register? Arguably, that’s a tiny number of users in comparison to the site’s visitor numbers.

Whilst this isn’t a massive issue for retailers who reap the advantages of showing their products to those looking for them, however this does somewhat hinder personalisation on the site due to the lack of information of each user.


3 visits before a purchase


The site does see a lot of drop-offs in sales due to the buying circle seeing an average of 3 visits on average before a user purchases. Referring to the point above, this creates a bit of a roadblock to bringing people back to the site with personalised emails.


Getting Started and Feed Requirements


Looking to get started? You can begin your process by signing up using one of the following partner pages:


Uploading your feed is relatively straight forward in comparison to other sites. Idealo recommends uploading your feed in CSV format (although XML will be accepted). Your feed will need to include the following information:


  • Product group
  • Manufacturer/brand name
  • Product name
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Price
  • EAN number
  • Image URL
  • Shipping/delivery costs
  • URL to product page
  • Product attributes (e.g. colour)

Where applicable, you will also need the following information:

  • Base price
  • Energy efficiency class
  • ISBN

It is also recommended to include the following:


  • Delivery time
  • Brief product description

5 Optimisation Tips to Ace Selling on Idealo


#1 Keep your feed speedy


Idealo like to keep all their information as up to date as possible and recommend exporting the feed multiple times a day. To minimise the loading time, try compressing your feed into a zip or gzip file.


#2 Multiple images


Using the largest image is recommended by the site. They also recommend using multiple images – upload the image URLs in their own column in your feed to help Idealo quickly and easily refresh the images throughout the day.


#3 Leverage your product description


You have 1000 characters to describe your product. Make this as accurate as possible getting all the relevant information in a way the customer will see the most relevant descriptive information quickly and easily.


This will not only boost conversions but help reduce product returns, questions and complaints. Also, make sure you avoid white space and symbols as this will negatively impact your listing.


#4 Include variations in your feed


For example, if you’re selling a product that is available in multiple colours, Idealo will read each of these as separate products. Separating this out in your feed will help your products show up for the most relevant searches.


#5 Export your feed regularly


You probably already know this, one of the biggest bounce rate and conversion drop-off causes is advertising a product with inaccurate information.

For example, leading customers to a page which displays different information such as increased prices from the advertised will not only cause people to leave without purchasing but it will also negatively impact your customers.


Making sure your feed is up to date and exported regularly (up to several times a day is ideal) will help ensure all the information you are giving Idealo is accurate at the time the customer views the product.


Idealo Features


Idealo provides a number of features to help make your products a success thanks to the help of Ingenious Technologies who provide the technical platform. These features include:


Tracking Pixel


The Idealo performance tracking pixel allows merchants greater visibility of customer’s activity that lead to the sale.

By installing this onto your own website (on the order confirmation page), Idealo is able to track a customer’s journey from their product search right through to identifying if there was a purchase or not.


From here you have two different tracking variants available. The standard variant is where the entire shopping cart is tracked. The basket variant allows the items in the basket to be tracked individually.




The above tracking means nothing without a detailed analysis of the performance.


Idealo provides a Personal Advertiser Account which allows the merchant to see a quick and easy snapshot of the data accumulated from the tracking pixel and set KPIs in line with the purchase goals.


Idealo Checkout


On the German Idealo site, you can utilise the Ideal Checkout which is designed to make the purchasing process quicker and easier for the customer. It presents the customer with a button to shop directly on the product page(s).


If they click this they’ll be taken to a 3-step purchasing process with the merchant’s branding across all three, however these steps are provided by Idealo rather than hosted on the merchant’s site.




We’ve discussed the importance of multichannel selling, whether you integrate Idealo into you marketing and selling strategy is up to you. There are 3.14 million Idealo users a month and the best way to see if getting a slice of the action will work for you is to test it.


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